Aug 04 2008

PT Here I Come….

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Well, it will be 9 weeks Wednesday post-op and I got the call this morning that my first PT appt. will be Wednesday!  Happy 9 week anniversary to me :)  Something I’ve been wondering about is  I’ve been walking around the house in two shoes (doc said ok) with crutches; he actually said I should be ditching the crutches, but can’t seem to manage that yet– still am super tight and” fear factor” alive and well.  I had been switching off shoe/boot when the shoe bothered me, but the boot really is still irritating the incision, so I stay in the shoe mostly.  Feel alot more stretch in the calf in shoes though….  I don’t leave the house much since I’m not working, but back to question….should I bring/wear boot to PT or just walk in with two shoes and crutches?  Or does it even matter….do they want to see how you are walking or are they mainly interested just in the ROM and flexing etc.?  I am still not able to stand with two feet flat on the floor either.  Any advice?     I know, I know I probably am taking the “slow and steady” to a new level…”super slow and steady”….  Thanks you guys for listening :)

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  1. damacaron 04 Aug 2008 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Marianne! You finally made it!!
    Wear your shoes to PT.
    You’ll have your shoe off most of the time so they can measure your range of motion, show you stretching and strengthening exercises, massage etc. If you’re not walking now, you will be soon enough! The first few days of walking in shoes without crutches was scary. Now? I realized this a.m. when I got to my desk that I had my backpack and my coffee in my hand, walked up the steps. I didn’t use the handrail, I didn’t limp, YAY for me. I can’t wait to wear my new shirt!! I’m FWB, are you? =)

  2. marianneon 04 Aug 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Damacar! Yay for you too!!! I have my new shirt…it arrived a couple days ago and I can’t wait to wear it as a FWB “er”. I am very excited about starting PT even though I understand without pain, no gain……as much as I hate pain….remember, I’m the “Big Baby” among us. I will wear my shoes…..
    I so admire those who have to work with with injury….cudos to all of you…..

    By the way, how much PT did you have? I’ve been authorized for 12 visits. One more thing, what shoes did you find comfortable to wear starting out?
    Thanks, Marianne

  3. damacaron 04 Aug 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Marianne-
    Physical Therapy is a sore subject….I’m sure you’ve seen in a comment or two of mine that my insurance expired on June 30th. So, I managed to get in 5 appts before it expired. Its $150 for 30 minutes so, um, ya, I probably won’t be making anymore appts. She was kind enough to give me Therabands at my last appt with a list of exercises. I do stretching on my own, not as often as I should. Now that I can go to the gym, I can start leg presses, calf raises, etc. on my own. As for shoes, I wear tennis shoes all the time and haven’t had any problems. I haven’t tried anything else except those, my flip flops and birks. (Ok, except when I got my freakin cowboy boot stuck on my foot LOL.) Honestly though, I don’t really wear anything else normally. Cowboy boots and tennies. I have a very casual workplace. We wear shorts, t-shirts, jeans, unless the big wigs visit. LOL. They’re smart and stay down in sunny Cupertino, CA. My final post-op appt is October 3rd, so hopefully by then I won’t have the swelling as bad etc to wear my boots, plus it’ll be raining by then =(.

  4. loufarron 05 Aug 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Re the boot irritation: when I cut off the piece of foam on the boot to make the wrap work easier, I saved it and then I used some ductape and taped the foam around the back of my ankle and over the ace bandage to avoid the irritation (or over the sock, if you don’t use the bandage). Try it, you’ll like it.

    Lou Farr

  5. gotthebooton 06 Aug 2008 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Marianne
    Just got back from my first therapy session. I thought it went well. Did a lot of range of motion measurements and then a deep massage around the incision site. Went through a routine of excercises to do at home and ended with ice pack and elevated leg/foot for 10 minutes. Was sent home with the list of exercises to do and another appointment for Friday. All was painless. Apparently 2 visits per week for the next 6 weeks. Next milestone will be going back to work on the 18th (with my boot on & hopefully not for too long). I’m already allowed to walk without it in the house only (what a treat). Shoes next. Woohoo! Amazing the little things we take for granted like a stroll bare footed across the floor. Hope your therapy went as well as mine. Let me know.

  6. marianneon 06 Aug 2008 at 7:38 pm

    Hi gottheboot,
    I also felt my first therapy session went well. Not much range of motion here, so that’s what they are going to be working. First, they wrapped my leg in a warm pack for 10 min., then on to ultrasound massage. On to the exercises: they put a towell on the floor and had me try to grab the towell with my toes for 5 min……didn’t do so good on that one :( Next, they dumped a bunch of marbles on the towell and set a mug down and I had to pick up as many marbles, with my toes, while dumping them in the mug……They gave me 5 min. for that exercise also. I think it took me at least 2 min. to get one marble in the mug. But, by the end , my brain got my toes moving and I actually got 22 marbles into the mug. Yay Me!! Next, onto a wobbly board, that I rocked back and forth,( while sitting in a chair) forwards, backwards and to both sides. Last, was this blue foot rocker thing that you put the bad foot on and while standing, and holding onto a table facing sideways (bad explanation) you stretch the calf/tendon by rocking and holding for count of 5 for 5 minutes. Then, my therapist also did the deep massage around the incision site……the weird thing was the only thing that hurt was when she massaged the ankle bones…..I also ended with Ice for 10 minutes.
    I will get my list of homework exercises on Friday– my next appt. All was painless this visit, but I was warned that they didn’t want to scare me away on my first visit, but to be prepared for pain to come.
    I will be going 3 visits per week for 4 weeks and then be re-evaluated to see if I need more visits.
    I am wearing shoes, but using crutches……boot wasn’t working for me. That is awesome that you can walk without the boot– around the house. I still can’t get my heal down on the ground, but I am looking forward to being able to stand with both feet flat on the ground. My tendon is just so tight that it’s going to take PT to get it there.
    Thanks for checking in and glad your PT went well. Will keep you posted. Onto Friday……PT here we come!!!!:)

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