Jul 30 2008

New To Two Shoes

Published by marianne at 1:01 pm under Uncategorized

Okay, yesterday I went out and bought a pair of shoes with great support around the ankle area.  Now I am experiencing pain at the top of the back of the shoe…..is this just something that I have to deal with or does anyone have any suggestions to relieve the burning.  I am still wearing a soccer compression sock with the shoe.  I did consider wearing a lower cut shoe, but opted for the shoe with more support around the ankle.  Any sock ideas, etc.?

You guys are awesome and I so appreciate all of your advice.!!!    And the healing goes on…….

One Response to “New To Two Shoes”

  1. edformanon 30 Jul 2008 at 7:15 pm

    I have personally found low cut shoes and socks better - yes, less support, but until the swelling is down and the scar healed, I have found it easier. I think we are all different in that respect…


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