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Jul 29 2008

8 Weeks Post Op and 2 shoes!!!!!

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Went to my doc appt. this morning with a list of things to ask about.  I was feeling guilty just because I had been in the camwalker for the past 2 weeks and had only started making progress a few days ago…..couldn’t wear that thing much because of the pain it caused the incision.  But, I got my butt in gear last Thursday, after having the boot for a week and a half :( and wore it full-time around the house — no more wheel chair….Couldn’t get my heel to 90 degrees in boot, so added some gel lifts and heel cup which really helped.

I was actually scared to tell the doc, about all of the above, because two weeks ago, when I got the boot, he expected me to be walking sans crutches by today…ha, ha, ha!!!!  Well, in he comes, asks me to push against his hand with my toes and front half of foot as hard as I can, and he was impressed….yay! 

He said to ditch the crutches and continue walking in camwalker, and that’s when I  told him that I am way to wobbly on the camwalker and that it really irritates my incision (scabs all off).  So, then he said, “Well, I guess you can go ahead and use shoes instead and slowly wean off crutches.  Wow!!!!  That was the good news……

Now for the bad, I admitted I added lifts to the camwalker and he told me that he had me past neutral in the cast and I’m going backwards by adding lifts….and if I can’t get back to neutral, he will have to recast me and keep changing the cast until I’m back to neutral…. :(  That scared the crap out of me…which I guess was his intention; 

He gave me perscrip. for PT which I need to wait for authorization in the mail.  So, went home and immediately tried on all my running/walking shoes to see if any would work…..not so much…Found a place in town where I bought stable/comfortable shoes……here’s the link if you are interested in them onlineAetrex Shoes Buy Womens Diabetic Theraputic Fashions Free Ship! I am very happy with the way they keep my heel very stable and support the whole foot really well.  They come in wide for the swelling :) 

Things are looking up, but I will continue to take it slow and will not be afraid to put the boot back on if need be.  Can’t wait for the pain of PT… least I will be getting some direction and moving on to the next healing phase.

Well, that’s all for now.  Happy healing to all!!!!!

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