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Jul 18 2008

Boot Phobia

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Got my boot on Tuesday, July 15th with no instruction…’s a camwalker and doc just said to add little weight everyday until no crutches by two weeks.

The scabs from the incision are very painful in the boot, even though I put gauze and sock on …..

I also can’t get my heel down all the way into the boot yet 6 weeks post-op.  Is that okay..will it loosen up on it’s own with no PT?

I can’t move my foot around either, only my toes….should I be trying to move the foot around or wait and just practice walking in the camwalker…….what if I can’t move my foot around….  is that okay?  As you can tell I am extremely anxious, but don’t want to worry…..

I don’t work, so am at home and put on camwalker for only couple hours a day…..resting elevated still most of the time.  Went out with husband yesterday to run a few errands, and when got home to take boot off was in tears because of the pain……any advice …….I don’t have the energy to run back through the posts that might be helpful although I have tried typing in some of these issues into the search.

One last question — if at home do you take camwalker as much as possible or leave it on to try to keep foot close to 90 degrees?  Anybody with camwalker just wear the liner while at home without the plastic?

Day 4 in the boot and don’t feel like I’m progressing :(  

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