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Jul 01 2008

Four weeks post-op; 3rd cast– tomorrow it’s the Big 5-0!

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Went to see the doc today, and i was a blubbering mess….last few days have been mentally and physically painful for me to deal with…..knowing my history with depression and anxiety, i have been really trying to stay positive, but the constant evening swelling has got me psyched out ….icing the cast worked  for a couple days, but no luck lately…..anyway, needless to say, when the doc came in and said, ‘not having a very good day, huh?’ , my husband had to answer for me…. :( I finally composed myself and was able to express the burning, stabbing, pain was really getting to me after a month…not a whole lot of sleep happening here.  He was vaguely sympathetic and proceded to saw the cast off…..

My husband took pics and doc said healing was going well which was a big relief!  He had me set my cast-Free foot on a metal device that I was suppose to stretch my foot out on…..he came back in after about 5 minutes and pushed on my foot some more and was able to get it pretty flat– anyway I can now put my toes on the floor for the first time in 4 weeks— woo, hoo!  I also can see my toes more in this cast, and it is lighter and shorter too.  It does feel really tight tonight, though…..i’m sure it will be stretched out in no time with all the swelling though. 

I’m a little worried about my toes though……my big toe, in particular, is very numb although I try to wiggle it as much I can.  Anybody have that numb feeling after new cast or in any cast? 

Also, any ideas on how to deal with the “ansy” feeling I get from around 6PM-10:00PM when the cast is so hot and tight?  The claustrophobia is crazy-making. 

Another thing i was wondering about was does elevating the leg help numbness or is it better to put the leg down more often?  Maybe it’s just this new cast……Will it get better after today…..maybe the doc puts the 3 cast on tighter for a good reason…..Any advice would be really appreciated ……thanks you guys.


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