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Jun 27 2008

My 2 wk post-op pic……..

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Wow, I figured it out.....Well, I finally figured out how to make this pic smaller to upload…..pic taken a week ago at 2 weeks post-up before stitches and staples were removed. 

COOOOL!!!!  You can click on it and make it bigger!!! WOW :(

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Jun 27 2008

Icing Question Part II

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Thanks to all who posted regarding my question on icing the cast.  You guys are awesome and because of you, yesterday was a GREAT day!  The relief I felt from the bags of peas (Damacar :)), ice wrap in front of knee (Bri :)), and ice behind the knee (Doc Ross :)) was so relaxing and reduced the swelling, during the day, immensely……..I did alternate these icings, and left my leg free of ice for 1/2 hr. breaks as suggested……..

Now for my next question…..common guys, I know you can do this………After a very comfortable day “on ice”, when it was time to turn in, around 11 pm, with no ice, the swelling returned, with gusto… pain…..just felt like my foot/ankle was the size of a grapefruit, or maybe a small pumpkin and very hot….to say the least very uncomfortable and claustrophobic.  I didn’t expect my foot to swell so quickly after the icing wore off…….I was wondering if the fiberglass cast helps to conduct cooling so well, can it also act as an heat insulator once that cooling is removed, making the foot swell even more than usual once removed?     I don’t know if i explained my theory very well, but basically i’m asking if anyone can help me with the extreme swelling i feel once i stop the icing………maybe i should stick to just icing the knee area, or would the swelling in the ankle area have occurred regardless of icing or not late at night?   The questions that have plagued mankind for centuries……… :)    any thoughts or advice, if you understand my question, would be greatly appreciated……Thanks again in advance!!!!!!!!!  Oh, almost forgot I also ate my watermelon and popped those B vits. :)


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