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Jun 06 2008

Two Days Post-OP

Published by marianne under Weeks 1 and 2 post-op

Well, I survived the surgery on Wednesday ) I followed one of the site members’ advice and asked for anti-nausea med. from the anesthesiologist. It worked– no nausea ) Like most posters have said, the pain is manageable the day of surgery. It was yesterday, Thursday, the day after surgery that I suffered quite a bit. Slept on and off the first night taking the darvocet, but as morning approached, was in quite a bit more pain, so tried the vicodon again, which is what they perscribed the day of the injury, even though it really messes with my mind and that is very scary for me. 24 hours following the surgery was the toughest pain– extreme burning, stinging and stabbing pain…very unbearable and I was in tears:( My husband called the doc around noon to tell them that I was not coping at all… I spoke to a nurse and she asked me why I was afraid of taking vicodon and i explained that I’m very anxious and don’t like the feeling of not being in control which is how the vicodon made me feel. I had a panic attack after taking 2 pills and I was still in extreme pain. She was extremely nice and told me to just stick with the darvocet and to go ahead and take 800 mg. of ibuprofen, as well, in between the doses of darvocet. That seems to be helping me with the pain a great deal . Luckily, the excruciating pain only lasted through the mid-morning and early afternoon yesterday and I slept well last night ) So, I am hopefully over the worst the pain and am on the road ) Thanks so much for asking how it all went and for letting me vent. I soooooo appreciate it !!!!!!!

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