1 day post op–

–and I’m seeing fireworks on this 4th of July.  At least some stars when I put my leg down.  As the doctor–and so many here have stressed–I’m elevating as much as possible.  I’m not trying to be a hero, I am taking the vicodin that was prescribed.  But man, does it make me itchy! I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually an allergic reaction.

My surgery was, in keeping with the nature of an ATR, frustrating.  I was wheeled into the OR at 2:45 for my noon surgery.  Hey delays happen, no biggie.  But I was thrown a curve right at the last minute by the anesthesiologist.  After speaking with the orthopedic surgeon last week, I assumed I would be put under general anesthesia. But the anesthesiologist says, “Surgeons just want patients who are asleep, we can do this three ways.”  He goes on to explain the risks and benefits of general, spinal and the nerve block some here have described.  His professional opinion was that the spinal epidural would be the most effective, and he would still give me something to knock me out during the procedure. I went along with it, but felt like I was being put on the spot with a pop quiz I hadn’t studied for.

Everything went fine until I was in recovery and was told I wouldn’t be able to leave until I regained feeling in my legs.  FOUR HOURS LATER I was good to go.  I didn’t get home until 10pm. It’s not like I had a train to catch, but still.

I haven’t been able to read every blog on this site, so I have a couple of questions I hope people will chime in on. From the photos I’ve seen, most incisions are directly in line with the tendon on the back of the heel. I haven’t seen mine since I’m still in the cast, but my doctor told me he was going in on the side of my foot. His reasoning is that an incision on the back can be irritating when you go back into two shoes. Anyone else have this?  Also, as I drifted off to sleep I heard him say he closes with staples instead of sutures.  It seems more people have stitches. Does it matter much?

Anyway, I’m glad the surgery is over being that I had to wait 10 days after the injury.  I know I can’t rush things–my wife calls me the impatient patient–but I’m happy to be on the road to recovery.

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  1. 1 hobblit July 5, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Hi marcus, I’m also in the dark about the surgery and how it was closed up. I’m just a couple of days ahead of you. Sort of looking forward to the 1week post-op doctor’s visit so he can explain what he did.

  2. 2 tennisjunkie July 5, 2008 at 7:20 am

    Hey Marcus, sounds like surgery was a long day. My orthopod mentioned the spinal epidural to me and fortunately also mentioned that it takes longer in recovery, so I opted for general. But that is behind you now. Congrats on getting through! I hope each day for you and all the “newbies” gets a little easier.

    My incision is not right in back of my heel — it is slightly on the inside of the leg/heel. THe incisions I have seen on this site vary of course, but many are “off center”. Also, I had sutures but alot of posts talk about getting staples removed. I think that is doctor preference. They both work just great!

    I am post op 9 weeks, and the scar looks pretty good. I was anxious to see it, and then worried about the incision as I went through the cast period. That is all pretty normal. Good luck, keep posting.

  3. 3 offdibb July 6, 2008 at 7:18 am

    hi marcus,
    when my stitches came out i was surprised to see my incision on the inner surface of ankle not down the back of achilles. i think it’s to reduce the problem of scar tissue when in shoes, and also the reduction of tension on the wound area when increasing ROM. i was also expecting a ‘zip’ of staples but came away with 5 stitches. don’t know the pros and cos of stitches vs staples, but i’m guessing one might get the orthopaedic surgeon to the golf course quicker.LOL
    keep us informed and take it easy,

  4. 4 kkdub July 6, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    Good job to be past surgery. Not sure about my incision, but I’ve got stiches. I’m 10 days out now and have evelvated 90% of the time until the fourth of the July - I just had to get out, but I’m paying for it now. So I’m back on the drugs and couch! Luckily I get first post op appt in one week and hopefully get this darn cast off. Pain isn’t toooooo bad, its mostly just REALLY uncomfortable. KK

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