1st Day at PT

Hello All,

Well today was the first day of many tough, challenging trials and tribulations. All in all, I feel much more optimistic than I had yesterday. My PT seems to think that I’m progressing just fine. Of course I would love to be out running in this beautiful summer weather, but I need to temper my expectations. I will get there soon enough.

Today I had a good session but nothing aggressive. Started out with some heat, followed up by a massage of the surgical area. Then we did some light stretching/ROM work. I was surprised with how much movement I had because I sure didn’t yesterday. The heat was key to that operation for sure. I finished up with the boot back on and working on WB exercises.

Nonetheless I had a decent session and I’m paying the price with some increased swelling this evening. I will definitely accept that for some improved movement and WB. I can’t wait to back in there!

4 Responses to “1st Day at PT”

  1. Keep it going not far behind you and I can’t wait to FWB and do PT. well i have been doing my own every day, not that the Dr knows that but hey thats my choice and i feel that my ATR can handle it! Good luck

  2. Control the swelling! Among other things, it will limit your ROM all by itself!

  3. I will tag along to Norm’s post. The more swelling sticks around and lingers, the more of a chance it has at actually damaging the tendon.

  4. I found the ankle area around my Achilles swelled quite a bit for quite a while. To help combat it the physio had me wear a double compreshion stocking when doing rehab and exercises. I also made sure I iced it after any form of exercise - no more than 10 minutes is what my physio explained to me as then the effect of icing the area becomes counter-productive. The other thing I found out and have used is Krill oil tablets, which are not only a good source of Omega oils but also great to help with inflammation. I completely agree with what has been already said and that is you need to keep the swelling in check as it pro-longs recovery.

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