6 Weeks PO 1st day of PT

Hello All,

Well, today is my six week post op date. I have a few things to report and question. Fist of all, my cast was removed on August 3rd and it was one of the happiest days of my life. The saw almost came out a few times but I made it! Second, and more importantly, my FWB was not what I had anticipated.

My surgeon had led me to believe that once my cast was off, I would be able to put a significant weight on it while in my boot. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen. I tried to put some pressure on my foot and it felt as if the bones in my feet were broken. Subsequently, my foot was so swollen that I thought someone had taken a ball-peen hammer to it. I’m not sure if this is a common theme or just my experience? I am 6′2″ 235, so my weight could be the culprit. This has gradually progressed over the last few days, but not much. Additionally, my foot and ankle are painfully swollen by the time I get home from work and it feels like my skin could split any second. Again, not sure if I’m alone at this point in the recovery process?

Today I head to my first PT session. I’m very optimistic to get in there and get some mobility going with this brick at the bottom of my leg. Fortunately, I’m going back to a great practice where I rehabbed through two rotator cuff surgeries. Anyway, I will post some comments on my PT experiences this week.

Best healing to all,


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  1. Hello Marc,

    Sorry to hear you are a member of the club nobody wants to be part of. I must say that I would be interested to hear any answers regards feeling like you have broken bones in the foot and the extent of the swelling. I was about to book an x-ray for next week as 10 weeks in I still feel as though my foot is broken and the swelling I have is crazy, I can feel so much liquid swilling around my foot.

    I hope all goes well and that someone is able to reply to this.


  2. Although my foot did not feel like there were broken bones, my foot was extremely swollen at six weeks, and would swell even more in the evening.
    I am at 11 weeks post-op right now, and just bought a larger size of tennis shoes because of this.
    My surgeon told me not to expect to wear my pre-accident shoes for at least six months.
    My PT suggested that I start buying two pairs of shoes, exactly the same, only in different sizes.
    When I first started to put weight on my foot, there was some pain because of all of the internal swelling that prevented the bones and joints from moving smoothly.
    It was nothing like the pain that you are describing though. It could be that your foot is more swollen than mine was, and the bones and joints are being compressed.
    MY PT would wiggle each bone in my foot to see how much movement there was, and assure me that it would get better once the swelling went down.

  3. I have a pair of full custom speed skates. To make these, they take a plaster cast of your foot. Then, they lay up a rigid, very stiff, carbon fiber shell around that mold. So, you get a skate which is an exact perfect fit to your foot, with zero ability to stretch.

    Needless to say, coming off of this injury, getting my foot back into these skates was a bit of a problem. They are very low cut to facilitate ankle motion; and great care is taken to form them precisely around your Achilles area and ankle bones for support- exactly the areas where my injured leg was most deformed. To get into them, I initially had to lube my foot up. It would take a while, but as I skated on them, it got better, the skate acting almost like an uber compression sock to squeeze the excess volume up and out of the area.

    I was able to skate in them about 3 months post surgery.

    I took a picture of what they did to my foot and posted it here:

  4. Marc,
    If you aren’t already, you should be wearing a compression sock on your ATR leg. I has significant swelling too when my cast came off and the compression sock reduced it to near normal within about 3 days.

  5. Hey Mark I am at a similar time line to you 6 weeks on Friday.

    I have been elevating my foot as much as possible and working my ROM as much as possible. Yes I still get swelling if I am on my feet all day, still on crutches by the way :( but as soon as I elevate within an hour it has gone down!

    I feel as though my ATR is better than it probably is and it is frustrating me as I want to get back at my training. I wish!!!!!

    Keep smiling we will get there!!!!

  6. starshep - got the compression socks but when do you wear them? all day?

  7. kimjax,
    I only take the compression socks off at night when I go to sleep. A few weeks ago I tried to stop wearing them but didn’t like how much swelling I had so even after 24 weeks after my ATR, I still wear them.

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