1st Day at PT

Hello All,

Well today was the first day of many tough, challenging trials and tribulations. All in all, I feel much more optimistic than I had yesterday. My PT seems to think that I’m progressing just fine. Of course I would love to be out running in this beautiful summer weather, but I need to temper my expectations. I will get there soon enough.

Today I had a good session but nothing aggressive. Started out with some heat, followed up by a massage of the surgical area. Then we did some light stretching/ROM work. I was surprised with how much movement I had because I sure didn’t yesterday. The heat was key to that operation for sure. I finished up with the boot back on and working on WB exercises.

Nonetheless I had a decent session and I’m paying the price with some increased swelling this evening. I will definitely accept that for some improved movement and WB. I can’t wait to back in there!

6 Weeks PO 1st day of PT

Hello All,

Well, today is my six week post op date. I have a few things to report and question. Fist of all, my cast was removed on August 3rd and it was one of the happiest days of my life. The saw almost came out a few times but I made it! Second, and more importantly, my FWB was not what I had anticipated.

My surgeon had led me to believe that once my cast was off, I would be able to put a significant weight on it while in my boot. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen. I tried to put some pressure on my foot and it felt as if the bones in my feet were broken. Subsequently, my foot was so swollen that I thought someone had taken a ball-peen hammer to it. I’m not sure if this is a common theme or just my experience? I am 6′2″ 235, so my weight could be the culprit. This has gradually progressed over the last few days, but not much. Additionally, my foot and ankle are painfully swollen by the time I get home from work and it feels like my skin could split any second. Again, not sure if I’m alone at this point in the recovery process?

Today I head to my first PT session. I’m very optimistic to get in there and get some mobility going with this brick at the bottom of my leg. Fortunately, I’m going back to a great practice where I rehabbed through two rotator cuff surgeries. Anyway, I will post some comments on my PT experiences this week.

Best healing to all,