20 Weeks!

I honestly didn’t believe my Ortho when she said it would take at least 6 months to be active again post ATR.  It’s been 4.5 and she wasn’t far off.  After 4 weeks in a cast, 6 in a walking boot and 10 total weeks of PT, the past 3 weeks have been much better and except for early morning and evening, I can take normal strides.

Running, or at least jogging, is the next step.  I saw the Ortho for the last time on the 17th and she gave me the option for another 4 weeks of optional PT, mainly for agility and because I told her the day after my ATR that I want to be able to do everything I was able to before the injury.

If you’re out there and just suffered an ATR, keep your head up.  It can be a  long road to recovery.  However, listen to what your Ortho recommends and then work hard with your PT’s.  They’re the ones I give most credit to for my recovery and would highly recommend them.

Walking Boot

Doc recommended PT to start next week.  My AT is so sore after a month in the cast, but the boot is great because I can remove it to shower.  Can barely put any weight on my left leg in the boot, but looking forward to PT at least for a few sessions.  ROM is very limited, but already feels better one day out of the cast.

Is this common?

Well, five weeks post surgery, four weeks in a cast and I’m ready for a walking boot.   I’m thankful for crutches but will be happy to let them go.

The lingering question on my mind is how long till I’m FWB?  My surgeon does not elaborate on much and just wants me out of her office at $230 a visit.  Is this common with specialists?   Some tell me it’s par for the course.

How much I’ve taken for granted with sports and mobility!  My ignorance of tendinosis and too much, too soon activity playing basketball have led me here.   I’m thankful to be in recovery and pray that I can help others either avoid this ATR injury or help with their recovery.