Eight Months and Now My Wife!

As I was just past my eight months post-rupture, now my wife has her foot in a cast due to sub-talar fusion surgery, and she will be six weeks non-weight bearing, and I am her caretaker. The operation was ambulatory.

The Friday before the operation we went to a BIG gala party and danced and enjoyed ourselves, in preparation for her limited mobility.
We purchased a top of the line knee scooter and a swiveling shower stool for her, as well as the special cast covers for the shower. In other words, she was prepared.

At home, after surgery, the mobility offered by the knee scooter was impressive, specially for me since I had used a wheelchair. She goes up and down stairs on her bum/bottom/butt (choose your favorite word) and we use the scooter upstairs and downstairs since she can actually get in the bathroom and switch from scooter to toilet with little effort (and balance). The scooter also makes it easy for her to shower and such since she can transition from scooter to shower stool with relative ease.
Four days after surgery we are getting her the padding for the scooter knee rest, and she even gets up at night and uses the scooter to go to the bathroom easily. And is staying non-weight bearing without the horrible back and butt pains I recall from being in the wheelchair and crutches.

Me? My calf muscle hurts a little when going up and down stairs a lot, but eases up if I use the heel inserts to reduce strain on the achilles tendon. Otherwise, I am normal, and am dancing normally when I get a chance! :-D

I hope everyone is doing well with your recovery, and have been distracted with my coaching, political and entrepreneurship activities. Fun! :-)

Manny Perez

3 Responses to “Eight Months and Now My Wife!”

  1. Good to hear about you. Not so good the wife. At least now you will a chance to pay her back. Thanks for the update.

  2. Congrats on your recovery, Oscar. I’m sure your wife is grateful you are able to return the favor.

  3. Manny,

    Best of luck to you and your wife. My husband and I have each had surgeries and had to take care of each other. In sickness and in health!

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