Six Months Already!

At six months, things are slowly improving. My Physical Therapist says my tendon looks fine and normal, but I still can’t do the single heel lift with it, and when doing the excentric exercise, the calf muscle can’t hold me.
On the Press machine, I can do presses with the toes of my recovered foot holding the weight out and back, but I do feel it later. This should be motivating me to lose weight, but … I’m still hungry!

Went dancing and was able to do turns on the recovered foot, which is good! Nope, no splits… couldn’t do them before, and that hasn’t changed! LOL But dancing is fun. The last dances I’ve gone to are with my wife, which are great, yet when she doesn’t come along I get to dance with all the ladies! LOL

As for my disappearence from the site, I’ve been very busy with a project that went to a new level last month:
and setting up the non-profit so we can get funding is taking up a lot of my time. But, I really want to go to space in my lifetime, and already know how to walk in the “moon boot” LOL

Happy healing, dear friends!

2 Responses to “Six Months Already!”

  1. Manny it’s great to hear from you. It sounds like you are now able to dance up a storm! You must be loving that :) I know lots of people (myself included) who would love to go to space, but you’re the first I know to be actively pursuing that dream … That’s inspiring! Good luck and I hope that all your dreams come true!

  2. Hi Manny,

    Glad the tendon is coming along. You are not alone as I still cannot do a single heel lift! Maybe we would be strong enough to do it on the moon!

    Good luck with the project!

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