22 Weeks: First Run!

It might have only been around 15 meters/yards, but I ran (gently, and very fluidly) across the parking lot! Wow! :-)
It felt great and very even, and very very exciting!
Happy healing, everyone!

4 Responses to “22 Weeks: First Run!”

  1. Wow Manny that is awesome! You must be delighted, that is a real milestone to celebrate. Nice one!

  2. thanks, couchy007 and YES, I am excited because I actually feel that now I am running better than I sused to… probably due to the physical therapy… :-)
    Interesting datum: had an ABI test today and my ankles had substantially higher blood pressure than my arms or big toe… weird…Maybe Metonia knows what it means. I have to wait for the cardiologist to tell me next month.
    Take care!
    Happy Healing!

  3. Yay!!! Running… That’s quite a big accomplisment, even if it’s just a few seconds!!! Keep it up and you will be surprised how fast your progress will be now!

  4. felicidades manny!


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