Constitutional Court almost gets me

In an event worthy of our friend Shady, my Week 20 was spent touristing in Johannesburg, south Africa. Flights to and from were very long and compression socks helped with the swelling. In a visit to the Constitutional Court, a mixture of glare, rushing, a guide poining me to go across the hall, and a sunken waiting area with no demarkations or railings on the shiny black marble floors, meant I walked off the high level and somehow (thank you Physical Therapy) fell straight down on my feet, without tripping on the benches there. Realizing how close I’d been to a re-rupture, I am very grateful to my guardian angel(s) from keeping me from a bad spill. 5 days later, my left knee still has a painful lump from where I hit it, but otherwise everything is fine. That day I limped a bit from the hurt knee and pain in both my ankles, and realized I wasn’t limping at all lately.
Other highlights I can share with you guys: don’t stop from travelling just because of your Achilles Tendon, since we just have to take care of ourselves.
Happy Healing, everyone!

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  1. well Manny, it’s great to see you are alive and limping ;-)

    that is one scary mishap! glad to read you are fine and that the months of PT have paid off. i have suffered three re-rupturing-attempts in the last two weeks, one by a very large lady who ‘heeled’ me with platform high heels whilst dancing (luckily only significant bruising) and two by my better half who first kicked me in the tendon by mistake and then kneed me in the calf when trying to avoid touching my leg! (yeah, we were trying to get comfy in bed!)

    keep up the travelling and the healing!


  2. Hi Manny, great to read your travelling exploits-I have started to venture out more, think it’s all down to confidence!
    But that fear of re-rupture is never far away!
    Really good to read that other than a bit of limping, you didn’t cause any lasting damage, it must have been scary non the less.
    Take care and look forward to next update.


  3. Manny?!! :-) i go away for a few weeks and don’t post and what do you get up to??!

  4. As I’d tell my mom, I wasn’t doing anything! Just walking around! LOL, though I do admit they had some nice South African beers! Luckily, I was wearing my heels and I assume the rubber absorbed most of the impact. Of course, as Pozaicer knows, being a dancer means you stay on your feet! :-D

  5. Thanks, Louise and Pozaicer… I’m glad to say the experience was one I don’t want to repeat, though I recovered pretty well. I still have a bruise on my knee, but that is minor. :-)
    The thing is that you can’t stop living and doing what you want to do simply because of the injury: we just have to adapt and keep on living life in Big Bites (that’s my motto!) :-D

    Pozaicer, as for your risky activity, I can only suggest you wear the boot if you are trying to emulate the Kama Sutra’s artistic poses…LOL

    Happy Healing, everyone! I’m glad the scary part is over, and only wish you were near me, so we could have some beers as we go over our “war stories”! LOL

  6. ha ha ha, you cheeky manny you got me there.

    I know that a dancer stays standing ;-) but i definitely don’t walk about in public in such heels ;-)

    you may get to see this Manny, spot the cautious post-ATR dj ;-)

    i hope the music is to your liking ;-)

    if you are ever in the UK avisame!


  7. Great music, Pozaicer, and what a nice head of hair! :-D The music is great, too: you had me dancing in my chair.
    But I didn’t see any risky moves in the video, since I did the turns on my good leg. :-D
    OMG, I have a DJ as a blog friend! Wow! LOL
    Happy healing!…….. Manny

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  8. Glad to hear you are well. I also almost had an incident when getting out of the shower and the crutch slipping on some wet spot. Just a reminder we always gotta be careful especially in the beginning when we are more vulnerable. I feel a lot safer and steady now at 22 weeks though. Take care!

  9. Thanks, S40love. Only problem right now is that the swelling of my calf is not going down with elevation nor ice, and I might go to the emergency service to check the leg out tomorrow. Yesterday it was seen my a nurse and she just told me to ice it, but today my wife says it looks redder. I just hope it is nothing serious.
    thanks again!
    Happy Healing!……. Manny

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