Week 19 - Consolidating?

This last week I’ve had some tendon stiffness the last two weeks and new types of pain, though resting all day this past Sunday did help both the stiffness and the pain. Today I also discovered that the pain in the middle of the heel seems to signal that I’ve walked a LOT and the foot wants to rest.
I feel that the process of swapping collagen scar tissue for tendon cells has started, and that the body needs the signals of exercise and stretching to do the swap. So I guess I’ll smile and bear the aches and shooting pains, and continue doing my walking and my Physical Therapy.

Planning a fun trip and will post pictures :-D
Have fun everyone, and happy healing!

2 Responses to “Week 19 - Consolidating?”

  1. Sorry to hear about your pains. It could be that since your calf is not at full strength, you are trying to compensate it on some different muscles. It could be those muscles you haven’t used in a long time trying to revive. Hope it gets better soon!

  2. Hey Manny, I’ve just been checking in and it sounds like your recovery has been going really well! Yay and congrats :) I remember at about 18 weeks for me that I would often have to take 2 days resting the tendon because I did too much. I found it very frustrating but it didn’t last too long and soon the stiffness wore off overnight instead of needing 2 days to recover. Be gently and take it easy if it’s painful, the rest is as good as the exercise. I remember your Birthday is in April so I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and have a fantastic trip!

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