Four months, Raising Heels!

This is so weird, but I conclude math skilss must reside in my achilles, since I’m counting 16 weeks, but according to the date I am 4 months since my rupture…
A third of the year to full non-surgical recovery has gone by, and my latest improvements are “raising heels” with both feet, in shoes and barefoot (barefoot heel raises make the calf muscle ache afterwards), I can do squat.. sorry squats (my pun instinct is really doing a job on this post) which I hadn’t tried until S40 love and Bonnie and Pozaicer pointed them out, so thanks to all of you I had another achievement. Tomorrow I fly out to see my two eldest, and hope not to lose contact with your guys since I haven’t programmed my phone or kindle to check out the blog.

And, for the record, I haven’t run after buses or ice cream vendors (gotta follow doctors instructions) nor have I signed up for a Danceathon… YET!
Take care, everyone, and happy healing!……. Manny

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  1. Awesome Manny!!! I am so happy for you!!! Raising heels is huge!!! Keep up the hard work, and pretty soon you will be hopping and jumping and doing all those crazy dance moves!!! Today I am going to work with my trainer on squats too, gonna start with easy weights first, will see how it goes. Take are and happy healing!!!

  2. Good for you! I’m at 9 weeks post-op (so 2 months) with a surgical repair and can’t raise heels yet. That has to feel good. Keep up the good work.

  3. congratulations Manny, that is impressive!

    i’m only 10 weeks but i can’t do even a few centimetres heel raise! can’t wait to catch up.

    interesting note that was passed on to me yesterday, the sign of overworking the achilles is felt in the calf not in the tendon. perhaps you all know this, but i didn’t. i came about this as a result of my enquiry to my private PT on the prospects of gentle dancing salsa NOW!

    he he he, i know, brave or stupid…. she said that anything that is fun should be done, but she adviced that due to the ‘heel raises’ involved in salsa dancing this would put significant pressure on the tendon and as a result if the calf feels tired i MUST STOP and sit down for the night. so for those who enjoy a dance i was given strict instructions to only do it for short periods of time (a couple-few minutes at a time, gently, and followed by rest) and sparingly. still this gives you the opportunity to enjoy a few dances during an event, and it is also a good rehab exercise.

    thoughts Mr Dancing Virtuoso Manny?


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