15 Weeks Dr. Visit

Hi, everyone! Checked up with my orthopedist today, before going to my 26th anniversary family dinner. I had a few extra cups of wine in Shady and our other pals in this blog. :-)
Briefly, no jogging (can you imagine he actually asked me when was the last time I ran?) LOL
He also said that walking barefoot in the beach was dangerous for me at this time, because the heel is often below the rest of the foot when walking on the beach sand.
He liked the dancing video and the nurse told me to bring more videos of me dancing the next time I went, in 2 months… I think she might see me as “Dancing with the Bars” material! LOL My wife just shakes her head at my jokes… but I’ve survived 26 years already, and so has she!
He also liked the fact that I could do mini heel lifts, and asked if I could hold myself on my toes yet… which I can’t.
finally, more good news: I lost 2 lbs (1 Kg) in the last two weeks! :-D and my belts are loose (now I can be like the kids, with pants hanging low) and no, I won’t make a video of that! LOL
Also got another order of PT, which is very welcome, indeed.
In conclusion, all is well with Manny’s injured tendon in NYC! Hoooray!
Happy Healing, everyone!

5 Responses to “15 Weeks Dr. Visit”

  1. Hey Manny, Happy Anniversary!!! May you continue to have many more years of being blessed with an ever growing love and affection for each other!!! Congrats on the weight loss too!!! I got on a diet, and have lost some of the pounds I gained too, hopefully all the extra gain will be gone in 2/3 weeks. Cheers!!!

  2. nice progress manny! i can only do heel lifts in neck deep water! LMFAO

    wow 26 years! i will toast to that shortly, well, once i am no longer at my desk :-)


  3. Congrats Manny, you always make me smile.

  4. Wahoo Manny! Great achievement and dancing too
    Happy Anniversary so pleased you were able to enjoy
    and really pleased you are doing so well
    Soon it will just be just a short walk in the park
    Great to see your sense of humour is still in tact and that you know how to keep us all smiling
    And the nurses to by the sounds of things

    All the best, Robyn

  5. thanks, Robyn! My philosophy is that life will always laugh at me, so I might as well do some laughing myself! :-)
    Happy Healing!………. Manny

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