15 Weeks Dr. Visit

Hi, everyone! Checked up with my orthopedist today, before going to my 26th anniversary family dinner. I had a few extra cups of wine in Shady and our other pals in this blog.
Briefly, no jogging (can you imagine he actually asked me when was the last time I ran?) LOL
He also [...]

Almost 15 Weeks, A real Party!

Today was a wonderful Easter Sunday, with a party where I was able to dance with my wife, Lucia.  My left foot isn’t lifting the toes as well as the  right foot, but I was able to twirl on the right foot fine!
Enjoy the short Clip! at https://youtu.be/2Tj0VsyryoQ, which I [...]

14 Weeks: No news is good news?

Well, this week I wonder what the "small achievement" was.  The aching continues moving up from my ankle, and is now at the base of the calf muscle.  Swelling has gone done, too.  Of course, allergy issues have limited my outdoors activity, but I’m still doing my PT at home.  Walking well, balance continues improving [...]

13 Weeks “You’re walking too much”

Well, at 13 weeks, with no problems except a swollen foot, my Physical Therapist told me to ice permanently when I was at home, because I was was walking too much…   and my foot was not unswelling… now the swelling is not all that bad: I still fit in my shoes. 
Oh, and I [...]

Cabin Fever vs Doing Things

This post was inspired by Crzkdsmom, and her ironic recommendation that we behave while we are having “Cabin Fever”. And for those that don’t know what “Cabin Fever” is, well its what has happened to all of us from being locked up in our homes with our foot/leg in a cast or CAM [...]

Crazy Wordpress Approval

Guys, this blog seems to have an issue with approvals… some posts have to be approved by the "owner", and most don’t… but yesterday, I wrote a post on my own site, and it went into the "pending" folder and did not post.
Checking this requires you go into your dashboard and see if the total [...]

12 Weeks! Hooray!

Well, technically I make these posts on Wednesdays, but tomorrow my calendar is packed, so I decided to do it right now.  Progress continues slowly, gaining strength and balance, but I admit the foot is swelling up on me (yeah.. elevate and Ice…  which I don’t do much…)

Well you know about the parades, [...]

Back to my Parades!

Hi, Everyone!  Just one day short of the 3 month-ersary of my rupture, I walked in the St Pat’s for All Parade in lovely Sunnyside, Queens, New York City, with the Mayor, Assemblymen, Members of Congress, Council Members, and other fellow State Committee members!   I’m back in the public limelight! jajajajajaja.   Enjoy the 12 second [...]

11 Weeks Update – Balancing on one leg

Well, to be honest, I was holding on to the Physical Therapist with both hands, but yesterday we started working on my balance and strengthening my legs.  And, since my foot is swelling at the end of the day, so I’ve got to elevate and ice regularly.
Other milestones:

· [...]