Ciprofloxacin HCL issues?

My general doctor prescribed this antibiotic for me, for what he thinks is an internal infection, but my pharmacist warned me not to take foods with calcium or lots of iron, and to avoid exercise for the week of treatment and the following week.   I asked about my physical therapy for my ruptured achilles tendon, [...]

10 weeks Update: Opening trash cans

yes!  today I was able to  open one of those push on the pedal to open trash can with my injured foot!   And I worked!  No screams, no pain, no embarrasment in the public restaurant… 
This is big!   Now, when I dance it will be possible to step on toes with my toes … [...]

Now I’m a “Manny Two Shoes” :-D

9 weeks and 2 days after my rupture, and 9 weeks after non-surgical treatment started, I am officially on 2 shoes! The doctor had me walk barefoot (scary, since I hadn’t done it since December 7th) and told me my tendon would continue healing for the next ten months, so I had to use heels [...]

Nine Weeks since rupture Update

Yesterday, trying on my heeled shoes for Wednesday’s great unbooting,  I relearned how to tap my foot!  :-D   At first, no go… the foot just stayed there.  The uninjured foot was tapping away, but the other was just asking what the hell I expected it to do!  LOL
so I streched out and put the heel [...]

Question on sprained chest muscles

Hi, everyone!  My Physical Therapist is stumped, so I want to know if any of you had a similar situation:  Tuesday night I practiced a while in my two shoes, and since Wednesday I’ve had twinges, like with a sprain, on both sides of my chest,  right above the abdomen, over the bottom part of [...]

Eight Weeks, and counting!

Eight full weeks of limited mobility, and a couple of days ago I was finally brave enough to stand barefoot and take the full weight of my body without wedges, lifts, boot, etc.   My heel felt all squishy but it is starting to get more solid…  bad part is my foot is complaining every time [...]

Seven Weeks after rupture: Use a cane?

Full Weight Bearing, I am using a cane for stability in the snow patches and irregularities in the street.  Besides, it also keeps me  safer because I trip less on cracks and objects on the ground.  But it hurts my back!  I tried adjusting the height of the cane so my arm is a little [...]