Nine Months, all OK

thank you to all who sent my wife their best wishes. She had a bad case of cabin fever before she went back to the classroom on her scooter, and can’t wait to get her moon boot in a week and a half. I reminded her that she would probably continue using the scooter for a while, specially for work. She goes up and down stair “on her butt”, and is doing wonderfully, though she complains about the cast and the knee pain from riding the scooter… surprisingly, the extra cushion we purchased for the scooter lost all the cushioning: I think the memory foam was defective).
As for me, I am walking and moving around normally, and the wife has me up and down stairs doing chores all the time. I look at it as physical therapy. the tendon still gets sore and stiff, but I think I’m progressing well. No adventures this month… ;-)


Eight Months and Now My Wife!

As I was just past my eight months post-rupture, now my wife has her foot in a cast due to sub-talar fusion surgery, and she will be six weeks non-weight bearing, and I am her caretaker. The operation was ambulatory.

The Friday before the operation we went to a BIG gala party and danced and enjoyed ourselves, in preparation for her limited mobility.
We purchased a top of the line knee scooter and a swiveling shower stool for her, as well as the special cast covers for the shower. In other words, she was prepared.

At home, after surgery, the mobility offered by the knee scooter was impressive, specially for me since I had used a wheelchair. She goes up and down stairs on her bum/bottom/butt (choose your favorite word) and we use the scooter upstairs and downstairs since she can actually get in the bathroom and switch from scooter to toilet with little effort (and balance). The scooter also makes it easy for her to shower and such since she can transition from scooter to shower stool with relative ease.
Four days after surgery we are getting her the padding for the scooter knee rest, and she even gets up at night and uses the scooter to go to the bathroom easily. And is staying non-weight bearing without the horrible back and butt pains I recall from being in the wheelchair and crutches.

Me? My calf muscle hurts a little when going up and down stairs a lot, but eases up if I use the heel inserts to reduce strain on the achilles tendon. Otherwise, I am normal, and am dancing normally when I get a chance! :-D

I hope everyone is doing well with your recovery, and have been distracted with my coaching, political and entrepreneurship activities. Fun! :-)

Manny Perez

Six Months Already!

At six months, things are slowly improving. My Physical Therapist says my tendon looks fine and normal, but I still can’t do the single heel lift with it, and when doing the excentric exercise, the calf muscle can’t hold me.
On the Press machine, I can do presses with the toes of my recovered foot holding the weight out and back, but I do feel it later. This should be motivating me to lose weight, but … I’m still hungry!

Went dancing and was able to do turns on the recovered foot, which is good! Nope, no splits… couldn’t do them before, and that hasn’t changed! LOL But dancing is fun. The last dances I’ve gone to are with my wife, which are great, yet when she doesn’t come along I get to dance with all the ladies! LOL

As for my disappearence from the site, I’ve been very busy with a project that went to a new level last month:
and setting up the non-profit so we can get funding is taking up a lot of my time. But, I really want to go to space in my lifetime, and already know how to walk in the “moon boot” LOL

Happy healing, dear friends!

22 Weeks: First Run!

It might have only been around 15 meters/yards, but I ran (gently, and very fluidly) across the parking lot! Wow! :-)
It felt great and very even, and very very exciting!
Happy healing, everyone!

5 Month “Aniversary”

Its been 5 months since my life changed. And, though I’m walking without a limp and can do almost everything I did before the rupture I learned to respect my body and not push myself to dangerous situations. Maybe some of you will say I’m a pansy (or some other term), but I really don’t want to go through this again.
I am still recovering from the aftereffects of the fall last week, and have a skin infection on the injured leg, but I’m dealing with it with antibiotics.

Well, I noticed I am going down the stairs normally, putting toes down first, with no pain or discomfort. This is both with heels as well as in my flat slippers.
Heel lifts are also progressing well, though I haven’t tried the single heel lift yet (being overweight makes me cautious). :-)
Deep squats are fine, and I have no balance problem doing them.
I also started doing my Aikido turns/moves again, and the foot is behaving well. Not practicing falls or jumps though… those would be best to do in a dojo under good supervision.
As for Physical Therapy, I am waiting for a new set of sessions to be approved, but wonder if I should move on to a new type of exercises. S40love, Beanie, Bobbie, Stuart, what do your guys think?

Well, that’s about it for now!
Happy Healing, everyone!

Constitutional Court almost gets me

In an event worthy of our friend Shady, my Week 20 was spent touristing in Johannesburg, south Africa. Flights to and from were very long and compression socks helped with the swelling. In a visit to the Constitutional Court, a mixture of glare, rushing, a guide poining me to go across the hall, and a sunken waiting area with no demarkations or railings on the shiny black marble floors, meant I walked off the high level and somehow (thank you Physical Therapy) fell straight down on my feet, without tripping on the benches there. Realizing how close I’d been to a re-rupture, I am very grateful to my guardian angel(s) from keeping me from a bad spill. 5 days later, my left knee still has a painful lump from where I hit it, but otherwise everything is fine. That day I limped a bit from the hurt knee and pain in both my ankles, and realized I wasn’t limping at all lately.
Other highlights I can share with you guys: don’t stop from travelling just because of your Achilles Tendon, since we just have to take care of ourselves.
Happy Healing, everyone!

Week 19 - Consolidating?

This last week I’ve had some tendon stiffness the last two weeks and new types of pain, though resting all day this past Sunday did help both the stiffness and the pain. Today I also discovered that the pain in the middle of the heel seems to signal that I’ve walked a LOT and the foot wants to rest.
I feel that the process of swapping collagen scar tissue for tendon cells has started, and that the body needs the signals of exercise and stretching to do the swap. So I guess I’ll smile and bear the aches and shooting pains, and continue doing my walking and my Physical Therapy.

Planning a fun trip and will post pictures :-D
Have fun everyone, and happy healing!

Four Months One Week Update`

Just got back from a 4 day trip to visit my two eldest in St. Louis, Missouri, and all went well. Compression socks helped during the flight, and I controlled myself at the gym.
My achilles tendon has ached a bit and felt stiff, possibly due to my doing less walking and exercising these days, and I had the interesting experience of walking carefully in a grass field with all sorts of irregularities. used to walk these fields and back yards with no problems or even thinking about it, but now I kept being careful not to step into a gopher or mole hole. ;-)
Achievements this week:
- Got regular hard soled slippers for the house, without heels (maybe 1/4 of an inch. It feels a bit strange, and might be the cause of the aching and twinges in the heel, tendon and ankle, but will check it tomorrow at Physical Therapy.
- Am able to get up from sitting on floor with no problem using the recovering leg to lift myself.

I’ll catch up with everyone later!
Happy healing………. Manny

Four months, Raising Heels!

This is so weird, but I conclude math skilss must reside in my achilles, since I’m counting 16 weeks, but according to the date I am 4 months since my rupture…
A third of the year to full non-surgical recovery has gone by, and my latest improvements are “raising heels” with both feet, in shoes and barefoot (barefoot heel raises make the calf muscle ache afterwards), I can do squat.. sorry squats (my pun instinct is really doing a job on this post) which I hadn’t tried until S40 love and Bonnie and Pozaicer pointed them out, so thanks to all of you I had another achievement. Tomorrow I fly out to see my two eldest, and hope not to lose contact with your guys since I haven’t programmed my phone or kindle to check out the blog.

And, for the record, I haven’t run after buses or ice cream vendors (gotta follow doctors instructions) nor have I signed up for a Danceathon… YET!
Take care, everyone, and happy healing!……. Manny

15 Weeks Dr. Visit

Hi, everyone! Checked up with my orthopedist today, before going to my 26th anniversary family dinner. I had a few extra cups of wine in Shady and our other pals in this blog. :-)
Briefly, no jogging (can you imagine he actually asked me when was the last time I ran?) LOL
He also said that walking barefoot in the beach was dangerous for me at this time, because the heel is often below the rest of the foot when walking on the beach sand.
He liked the dancing video and the nurse told me to bring more videos of me dancing the next time I went, in 2 months… I think she might see me as “Dancing with the Bars” material! LOL My wife just shakes her head at my jokes… but I’ve survived 26 years already, and so has she!
He also liked the fact that I could do mini heel lifts, and asked if I could hold myself on my toes yet… which I can’t.
finally, more good news: I lost 2 lbs (1 Kg) in the last two weeks! :-D and my belts are loose (now I can be like the kids, with pants hanging low) and no, I won’t make a video of that! LOL
Also got another order of PT, which is very welcome, indeed.
In conclusion, all is well with Manny’s injured tendon in NYC! Hoooray!
Happy Healing, everyone!