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    • Name: mandy000
      Location: Sydney
      Injured during: The Amazing Race
      Which Leg: L
      Status: PWB

      569 wks  3 days Post-ATR
      568 wks  1 day
         Since start of treatment
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    • mandy000 has completed the grueling 26.2 ATR miles to full recovery!
      Goal: 365 days from the surgery date.
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Author Archive

First PT visit »

I packed my back with my spare trainer, a pair of other trainers and a pair of sandals plus a nice bottle of red.  Made it down the stairs, I’m getting quite adept at stairs crutches bag combo.  :).
The wine is for Dave (the best PT in the world) it is Christmas eve here and [...]

7 weeks post surgery - 2nd post op »

For Christmas I got FREEDOM…..from sleeping with my boot on. Yay!  And I start Physio on the 24th.    The doc said today to start walking, without the boot, for a little bit each day. A bit chicken about that bit will start with placing foot on the ground with gradual weight on it.  It [...]

4 weeks post surgery »

This past week has been like a miracle in comparison to the previous four weeks.
When the surgeon initially fitted me he did try the medium vaoped but I couldn’t stand the pain of it around my heel, if felt too narrow, which is why he put the vacocast one…now I’m thinking it was cast-to-boot shock [...]

Boot problems »

very thankful for everyone’s thoughts/well wishes/advice…we’re in this together!
I’ve had a vacocast fit (the pro killed when it was fitted) for 1x week which I think is too big.  It’s very wide and heaps of space in the length.  It’s a medium and I wear an asics US 8 trainer, if that helps.  When the [...]

The day the Achilles went snap! Weeks 1-3 »

October 24: Team bonding “Amazing race” amazing exit after a 2km run and dash up the stairs to the train. Jumping onto the train from the platform, I heard a snap and immediately felt my calf go. Wasn’t sure whether I’d torn my calf of done something to my Achilles. So much pain, can’t stand, [...]