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I was just changed over to the boot and it is such a pleasure to itch he hell out of my leg without using a hangar. I will get a second opinion just to be totally confident about my healing. In doing some research I found someone who does a procedure that I never saw anyone mention before. Here is the link

Has anyone ever seen this before?

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  1. When I was looking for a Doc to repair my achilliesI came across this link. I researched Dr Elliott and found out that he limited his practice to the foot and ankle which sounded good to me.
    Although I wasn’t a candidate for the minimally invasive procedure as my repair required a tendon transfer I still put the scalpel in Dr Elliott’s hand. I was not dissapointed. If you live NY Area and are looking for a surgeon the guy is fantastic.

  2. Hi Mandow,

    I’ve mentioned this procedure in my blog, however it is still a surgery. They also state that there can be complications by reaching the tendon. The other option what I’ve heard is when they glue the tendon together. There is no surgery, just a regional anesthesia, when they inject the “glue” into the right place. most unfortunately I couldn’t find any information online. Maybe is something very similar to the procedure what has been mentioned by Rudedog.
    And I’m sure this way is much more efficient and there are less complications also the healing time is shorter.

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