NY Airport escalator ruptured my Achilles tendon

most achilles tendons get ruptured during over-exertion….but I was just standing still on an escalator when mine got snapped! It was at New York Newark airport…terminal B…heading down to baggage re-claim. At the bottom, the descending step trapped my ankle and the descending corner cut through most of the tendon. Amazingly there as nobody around at the time..no witnesses….so I hobbled off and caught my flight home to the UK….March 15th 2009 . Of course, the New York airport authority doesn’t want to know…so  no compensation.
I then went to a local hospital in Warwick, UK. The surgeon put my foot in a plaster…and it stayed there for 10 weeks. Then I started physiotherapy…and guess what….after 3 days, the tendon ruptured again.                                                                              I went to a private hospital and I’m paying heavily for the best possible treatment cos I’m not too fond of ruptured Achilles tendons.
First step… june 11th…MRI scan. Incredibly expensive but showed a 3.5cm gap in most of  the tendon.
Next step….surgery. The ends are pulled together and stitched.
Next….an Aircast Walker boot, and crutches. Not too bad…but i can’t carry a cup of tea.
No weight on the foot for the first week…very light for the second week.

August 6th   update

It’s now 8 weeks since my op. I’ve had an easy time thanks to the Aircast boot, although it does get in the way, especially at bedtime. It’s been useful being able to take it off  in  order to shower.

My surgeon approved the healing and passed me on to a physio. No boot now, and only gentle exercises this week, slow walking for 5 minutes max between rest periods, assisted by one crutch. Swimming daily and whenever possible. Also I can now drive the car!!!

Next week the exercise intensifies to a higher level, but not too high since mine is a re-rupture and I’m an oldie!

for sale…one part-used Aircast boot!