About where I come from

I live in small village called Haanja. It’s center of the parish Haanja. Parish is 170 km². Closest town (~15 km) is Võru (the one I was referring in my story, with 15 000 people). Closest hospital is also there.

Estonia is very small country, located in Eastern Europe, one of three Baltic States (for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estonia ). We have approximately 1,3 million people overall. Our currency is Euro, we are part of the European Union and NATO. Our most outstanding achievement is invention of Skype (currently owned by Microsoft). In a government level we are known for our e-services. I personally haven’t ever done my taxes on paper. Only in computer and it takes about 2-5 minutes. Paying monthly bills are fairly simple thanks for e-banking. I honestly doesn’t know when was the last time I paid some of my bills by cash or had to go somewhere to pay them on person. You can pay for goods and services with bank card almost everywhere here. Life in general is fairly cheap here and so are salaries ;). And free WiFi. Everywhere you go. No password no nothing, just use. Our national language is Estonian language and most of our country isn’t religious.

We don’t have good climate here. There are four seasons, three of them are bad ski days. One is the ski day. At summer, there is possibility that you are at work on both of those days and miss it completely. Ofcourse I am exaggerating but there is also some thruth in it.

I am 29 years old. I serve in our country defence forces, been there little over 10 years. Have been training conscripts for most of the time.

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