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  1. I had surgery on my Helios tendon on July 30th, 2012. I was released back to work on DEC 28th, I was always having an burning in my foot like a really hot ice pick sticking threw it. The Dr said it would heal in time. I went back to waitressing which i love doing. well the first day I lasted 5 hrs than my foot swelled up and burned so bad I could hardly walk on it, the next day I tried again and I lasted maybe 4 hrs than the same thing but a higher pain level, I went back the 3rd day and had to leave to go to ER the ER DR thinks my body is rejecting the screws that is holding my tendon in place. Went back the day after and I left work on crutches because I could not walk, 2 days later it still hurts really bad and not been back to work yet…CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS?

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