6 Weeks Post Op from Achilles Tendon “Debriedment” and bone spur removal

Hello dear comrades!

Oh how I love this site. It got me through my first week in bed with my leg up, the crutches, and now I am walking in a boot….My Doctor is amazing…but conservative (Red Sox Doc etc..) I love him….but he said “no” to the pool or stationary bike. I am going out of my mind. I guess my 10 Boston Marathons have taken their toll. I am to be in the “boot” for 4 more weeks. I am in the pool doing laps¬†without kicking (assume he does not read this), and lifting weights. But I am worried about how much I walk without the crutches and so forth……I never walk without the boot and barely put my foot down in the shower.

Can someone tell me how “debriedment” and repair of a frayed tendon might be different from a rupture? Am I risky or should I be doing more….?

Best to all!

Maida at Mass General

Post-Operation and on my way!

I had a repair and debridmdmnet of my Achille’s tendon on Monday June 28th. The surgeon also removed a bone spur from the area. Though I did not rupture my Achille’s Tendon, the recovery seems to be much the same. Foot elevated, non-weight bearing, two week check up and new cast, etc……

I have been reliegios about staing in bed for 90% of the time and keeping my foot elevated and I must be honest, I have had no pain. I was able to abandon the Oxycontin after 24 hours, and am now using only Oxycodone and Vistril (for nausea) at bedtime to get some good sleep. I am amazed at how “accepting” I am of simply being still. I am listining to the birds and the sounds of the outside because it is cool enough not to have the A/C running. I have hardly read anything more than the achilles blogs. I have only written little bits and pieces. My husband has brought me my meals and I am able to get to the bathroom on crutches. Going up and down stairs is crawling. My prior yoga practice is helping tremendously as I try and balance, in particular, sitting down, with the injured leg not touching the floor is an effort!

I know I have a way to go to get to Central Park, but I am heading there fast, even if I am now just lying in bed with my foot above my heart. How many days did everyone do this? 4,6, 10? What is best here?

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