2 week post op with pic

Finally was able to remove my last steristrip so that I could see the whole incision.  Seems to be healing OK.

Do you have any recommendations for creams or lotions to help with healing and reduce scaring?

2 week mark

Day 13 update

I’m at day 13 post op (I guess I will start using weeks now).  I’ve been on crutches and a boot since July 22nd and the doc wanted me off crutches in one week, which is today.

I can move around the kitchen but am a little tentative doing much more than that.  It seems like the hardest part is getting over the mental block that it is ok to walk while in the boot. 

I think I might stay on one crutch for a day or so to get comfortable so that I don’t develop bad walking habits.

PT #2 Update

Had my second PT appointment today at 12 days post op. Session consisted of massage and movement of the ankle, as well as 10 minutes on the bike with my boot on. Last time I was in socks on the bike, but in the boot it felt safer and I could push things a little more and get a better workout.

They measured my dorsiflexion and I was at 0 degrees.

My home workouts have been lots of ankle ABCs and general foot movement in the air.  Feels good to be moving the ankle out of the boot and getting the blood flowing down there.

As I’ve read through the various blogs and other articles here, I’ve decided that I’m going to supplement my recovery with the following:

  • Vitamin C - been using this since 2 days post op.  I take a packet of Emergen-C 1000 MG in the morning
  • Multivitamin
  • Muscle Milk Protein - for the essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Jello - I read that the gelatin might aid in tendon health

We will see how it all goes!

When to start golfing

I’m interested in hearing when people were able to get back onto the golf course after surgery. Not necessarily going 100%, but when were people able to go out in a boot, in 2 shoes with light swinging, etc… Any feedback on experiences would be great!

I’ve looked things like the iwalkfree but wasn’t sure if that would really be a good option.

My main goal is to be able to go on a guys golf trip that we have scheduled for mid November to Bandon Dunes, when I’ll be 17.5 weeks post op.

Heel pain in the night

I’m at 10 days post op in an aircast. I haven’t really had much pain up until now, but the last couple of nights I’ve had some heel pain that wakes me up. It feels like it is on the outer side and bottom. It is a burning feeling and sometimes feels like pins and needles. It gets better when I wake up and start the day, or if I take my boot off while I’m laying down.

Have others experienced that? I don’t really have much pain throughout the day.

Currently I’m pwb, doing pt and exercises twice a day at home (alphabet, ankle circles).

Joining the club

On July 12th I was playing tennis and heard the snap.  After doing like most and looking behind me and not seeing anyone, I took another step and went down.  I immediately knew it was an Achilles issue.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I was playing with a partner that had ruptured both of his.  He came over, felt around and said yep, it is torn.

There wasn’t any pain, just couldn’t put any weight on it.

Fast forward to the 16th and had surgery to repair what was described as a pretty clean tear. They put me in the splint cast thing and ace bandage and home I went.

I didn’t have much pain until the second day, and even then it wasn’t really that bad.  I kept it elevated above my heart for most of the first 3 days after surgery.  I started to venture out more after that with a knee scooter and crutches (hard for me to sit/lay still for awhile).

I had my first check up on July 22nd, 6 days post op and everything was going well.  They transitioned me to an aircast and put 6 wedges in with the instructions to remove a wedge each Monday.  The doc said I could put weight on the aircast and could ditch my crutches as soon as I felt comfortable.  That was pretty surprising as I expected to be using crutches for a while longer (as of this day, I’m still not even close to ditching them…).

I had two scares the first two days - one was a heavy glass door knocking me off balance and putting all my weight on my boot.  I felt what sounded like Velcro and a quick burst of pain but that was it.  I was crushed.  I thought for sure I had reruptured it.  I decided to wait a couple days to see how it felt before calling it in.  The next day, I was going up my wet stairs (first rainy day on my crutches) and a crutch slipped out.  No Velcro feeling this time, and just a quick stinger.  Again pretty crushed as I was thinking if I didn’t do it yesterday, I for sure did it today.

I called my OS in the morning, they said based on lack of pain, bleeding, swelling and other complications, that I was probably ok.  But to call them back if that changed.

Luckily I had PT that afternoon (my first appointment - 8 days post op).  She checked it out and said it wasn’t ruptured and that everything looked good.  PHEW!

I had what I would imagine is pretty aggressive PT.  I was on a stationary bike for 5 minutes in my socks.  Goal was to get to 70 RPM on a setting with low resistance.  I did that and it felt great.  Also she really worked my foot over and as scary as it was doing forced dorsiflexion (I think I have that term right) it felt good to be able to stretching things out.  I was at 15 degrees and she got me up to 10 degrees.

Anyway, it seems like things are moving pretty quickly based on all the reading I’ve done here (which has been A LOT over the past week or so).  I’m a little worried that is going to quickly, but my surgeon and PT work on the pro sports teams here so I feel like they know what they are doing.  Plus they came recommended by other ATR sufferers so that helps.

So glad to have found this site.  It has been very helpful in guiding me through this process.

Here is the wound today, a 8 days:

Wound at 8 days