Week 17 update - 4 day golf trip

Here is an update for the golfers out there:
Exactly 120 days from surgery I made the trek down to Bandon Dunes on a guys golf vacation. There aren’t any motorized carts allowed, which I knew, but wasn’t going to miss this trip.
Things went well. We played four days of golf, a round each [...]

Week 14 update

It has been awhile since I’ve posted an update for two reasons - having a newborn around the house and after week 8 or 9 the updates aren’t as “groundbreaking” anymore!
I’ll start out with the obligatory, I can’t believe I’m at week 14 already. I really can’t. It seems like yesterday [...]

Week 8 update - two shoes!

I had my OS appointment yesterday, a day before my 8 week anniversary and was given the green light to transition to 2 shoes. I’ve spent the majority of the time since in 2 shoes and only put the boot on when I was going to my son’s school curriculum night (was a little [...]

week 7 updates - new firsts!

Well week 7 had a lot of new firsts. Started driving again over the weekend. It is nice to have that freedom back. My goal was to be driving by 8 weeks so that I could take my wife to the hospital when the baby comes (due date a week away!). [...]

week 6 update for the golfers out there

I figured I’d post a quick update for the golfers out there who are early in their recovery. Yesterday I played 18 holes in a scramble and then played 7 more holes tonight. The boot is on when I’m playing and ball is going about 20% less but straight (probably due to my [...]

Week 6 update

It is interesting that I find writing blog entries very therapeutic. So I apologize if I’m writing too many!
Today is my 6 week anniversary for my surgery. I had another PT session and they increased my exercises to the following things out of the boot:
Two legged squats - 10 reps 3 [...]

Week 5 update - new PT and new exercises

I started with my new PT on 8/20, exactly 5 weeks from surgery. There is a night and day difference between the PTs and even their offices. Glad I made the switch so far!
In this session I had my first expereince with a graston tool. That felt good for the most part [...]

week 5 update

Things are progressing. Fwb in a boot is great, it took about 3 days to get a good gait and since then it hasn’t really felt like it hinders me much.
I haven’t been to pt in about 9 days. I was worried about the stretching my pt was doing and healing [...]

3.5 week update - standing with no boot

Not much to report, but i had a minor victory over the weekend. As I was putting on pants I stood up on one leg as I normally do. I had been sitting with both feet on the ground with my bad foot at about 90 degrees.
As I was balancing on one leg [...]

week 3 update

Tomorrow will be the 3 week mark for me. Things seem to be going well, boot walking is getting easier. Incision is healing well and was told I could go into a pool.
I had my 4th pt appointment today. I’m a little concerned that the pt was overly aggressive with the dorsiflexion [...]