Week 17 update - 4 day golf trip

Here is an update for the golfers out there:

Exactly 120 days from surgery I made the trek down to Bandon Dunes on a guys golf vacation. There aren’t any motorized carts allowed, which I knew, but wasn’t going to miss this trip.

Things went well. We played four days of golf, a round each day carrying clubs, the par three course after one of the rounds and the “punch bowl” after one as well. LOTS of walking - my tracker had me averaging about 11 miles a day (not just golf but all day)

Didn’t really need to ice or elevate and ibuprofen helped.

I’m a little sore since I’ve gotten home, but it was well worth it. 60 degrees, sunny and minimal wind…i would have been upset to miss that!

2 Responses to “Week 17 update - 4 day golf trip”

  1. Good stuff, must have felt good all over! :-)
    I was 17 weeks in when my Whistler ski week came up, and I had a blast, no problems except shopping for thinner socks for the slightly bigger left ankle. (Details on my blog.)

  2. This sounds great! I’m 6 days post op and hoping to take a trip to Greece with lots of walking by week 17. Also hoping to return to golf as soon as possible. Sounds like I have a good chance based on your experience.

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