Week 8 update - two shoes!

I had my OS appointment yesterday, a day before my 8 week anniversary and was given the green light to transition to 2 shoes. I’ve spent the majority of the time since in 2 shoes and only put the boot on when I was going to my son’s school curriculum night (was a little leery of a large crowd on my first day of two shoes…).

I had been walking in bare feet for a week or so but it feels much better to be in shoes. The leg feels a little weak and I’m doing the typical transition slowness but I’ll take it. I had a ton of swelling last night (had like a muffin top when I took my shoe off), but so far today the swelling hasn’t been bad.

I imagine I’ll still use my boot when I go to UW Husky football games and possibly when I golf over the next week or two, but I think I’m mostly done with it!

I’m going to continue with once a week PT (tomorrow I believe we are going to start on the leg press machine) as well as my three times a day work out of squats, one leg balances, seated/standing calf raises and band work. I slowed down on the gelatin supplementing as I got tired of Jello. I don’t mind the taste and texture, I just would forget to take it or make it. I’ve stuck religiously to my protein supplements (twice a day) and vitamin C supplements (once or twice daily packets of emergen-c). I don’t know if they are helping, my gut tells me they are but who knows.

One last thing. I noticed a bump on the bottom of my foot. It is about the size of a pea and it is on the arch right below the ball of the foot. It doesn’t hurt unless I press on it (to which my wife says don’t press on it). I only discovered it because I was rubbing my foot to help with the swelling. The PT doesn’t think it is anything major and we are going to track it.

Did anyone else have anything like that?

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  1. Great news! 2 shoes is definitely an accomplishment. Good idea to keep the boot handy for larger crowds. After walking quite a bit I have swelling too, but it’s getting better over time and I’m seeing that my foot doesn’t swell as much anymore so I’m hopeful that too will go away in time. I too take gelatin, but I use Great Lakes powdered gelatin (got through Amazon) and I just add it to my protein shake in the morning. As for the bump on the bottom of your foot, can’t say I have that at all and so can’t be of any help. It may be nothing but if you’re not sure it is probably something to ask your dr about.

  2. Sounds good and sensible. I’ve got nothing on the pea bump.

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