week 7 updates - new firsts!

Well week 7 had a lot of new firsts. Started driving again over the weekend. It is nice to have that freedom back. My goal was to be driving by 8 weeks so that I could take my wife to the hospital when the baby comes (due date a week away!). Sleeping with my boot off which is soooo nice. Walked in two shoes around the house and outside, although I’m going to stick with the boot until I meet my os later this week. Standing calf raises…they feel much better then seated calf raises!

Another interesting first was that my bad leg could do plantar flexion and dorsiflexion to just about the same point as my good leg. I’m not sure if that is good or not, but figured I would note it in case I have any issues of healing long or something like that.

My pt gave me a couple new exercises. One is as to squat down and then oscillate up and down an inch or two for 10 seconds. That really hits the quads and loosens up the ankle. The other is standing calf raises.

I have had a slight increase in heel pain which I’m attributing to the increased activity (in addition to the new stuff, I walked a ton over the weekend at a husky football game). It seems to go away with rest and ice so I’m not really concerned.

Good luck to everyone out there! This site has been great and it is nice to read about everyone’s progress and the different approaches to this injury.

2 Responses to “week 7 updates - new firsts!”

  1. Impressive! I haven’t checked my fave protocols, but 2-leg heel raises at 7 weeks MUST be faster than ANY of them, no?

  2. I continue to be amazed with your progress! Way to go! And congratulations on the upcoming baby!

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