Week 6 update

It is interesting that I find writing blog entries very therapeutic. So I apologize if I’m writing too many!

Today is my 6 week anniversary for my surgery. I had another PT session and they increased my exercises to the following things out of the boot:

Two legged squats - 10 reps 3 times a day
Seated calf raises - 10 reps 3 times a day
Balance on 1 leg for 10 seconds - 1 time a day

I’m also doing band exercises - 4 sets of 10 once or twice a day.

PT also still includes a massage with a graston tool which was less painful this last time.

The exercises feel great. It is nice to be working out even if it is such a little amount. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting the boot off in 2 weeks…

3 Responses to “Week 6 update”

  1. I also found it therapuetic to write about my recovery experience early on. There were also some dark periods when I was a little depressed with my situation and frustrated with the seemingly slow pace of my recovery and blogging about it helped me through. You’re through the worst period now, so stay focused on short-term goals and you’ll be getting back to normal activities in no time. Good luck and good healing! -David

  2. Love reading about your progress. I can’t believe how fast you are moving but obviously it is the right pace for you. Keep it up!

  3. It is great to read your progress and it sounds like you are doing so well. PT makes such a difference and gives goals that you can work towards. 2 shoes in two weeks- yahoo!

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