week 5 update

Things are progressing. Fwb in a boot is great, it took about 3 days to get a good gait and since then it hasn’t really felt like it hinders me much.

I haven’t been to pt in about 9 days. I was worried about the stretching my pt was doing and healing long. I decided to hold off on pt until I saw the surgeon last Thursday. He gave me a clean bill of health and shook his head when I told him that the pt stretched me past neutral. He said you don’t want to be doing that at this stage.

I start with a new pt tomorrow so hopefully the experience is better.

It is funny I was so concerned and protective of not slipping, falling, tripping, etc… And then when all the healing long talk started my new fear started! Well it is what it is at this point so nosense worrying I guess.

I started hitting balls at the range with short flat footed swings in the boot. I decided I was finally going to change my grip so I figured there was never going to be a more perfect time. It feels good to be swinging a club again.

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