3.5 week update - standing with no boot

Not much to report, but i had a minor victory over the weekend. As I was putting on pants I stood up on one leg as I normally do. I had been sitting with both feet on the ground with my bad foot at about 90 degrees.

As I was balancing on one leg (safely) I decided to slowly put my foot down. It was holding about 5% of my weight, if not less. As I got a little more brave, I slowly transferred my weight so that I was standing normally with no boot. It felt great to just stand still without anything “helping.”

It’s funny how such minor things can feel like such big deals nowadays!

2 Responses to “3.5 week update - standing with no boot”

  1. These seemingly small steps are massive to us in the ATR club. Congrats. Good luck with the rest of recovery.

  2. Nice! Congrats!

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