2 week post op with pic

Finally was able to remove my last steristrip so that I could see the whole incision.  Seems to be healing OK.

Do you have any recommendations for creams or lotions to help with healing and reduce scaring?

2 week mark

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  1. That looks great for just two weeks after surgery! My foot surgeon recommended Lubriderm lotion. At about 4 weeks, you can start massaging vitamin E drops onto the incision. Good luck!

  2. Mags11,if you’re not careful, you’re not going to have any proof that you ever had an ATR–that post-op incision looks like it’s healing better than any I’ve ever seen! Personally, I’ve already decided, out of necessity, that I will wear my ATR scar like a badge of honor! -David

  3. Wow! I am impressed both with your progress and your quick healing! I think you are one for the record books! You are very lucky. That scar already looks way better than mine was at that same time. Kelocote was recommended to me to use to help with the scar. I only started using it now and I’m at 6 weeks so I can’t tell you how well it’s working, but I know others that used it on their surgical scars with great success.
    Keep up the great healing!

  4. Thanks for the info all! And David, if I don’t have any proof I’ll be happy with that!

  5. Best scar pic yet!

  6. Wow amazing!!!

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