Day 13 update

I’m at day 13 post op (I guess I will start using weeks now).  I’ve been on crutches and a boot since July 22nd and the doc wanted me off crutches in one week, which is today.

I can move around the kitchen but am a little tentative doing much more than that.  It seems like the hardest part is getting over the mental block that it is ok to walk while in the boot. 

I think I might stay on one crutch for a day or so to get comfortable so that I don’t develop bad walking habits.

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  1. Wow! That’s fast. Did you get your stitches out already? Or did you go non-op? Are you walking with both feet down and crutches?

  2. I went op and had my stiches removed at day 6.

    I’m on both feet down now - ditched the crutches last night as my doc recommended. I bought the even up for my good foot and am working on getting a better gait.

    Feels great to be off my crutches.

  3. Hi mags. I am just a bit behind you time wise it think. Three weeks post op and in a boot. I am on crutches but no way I can put weight on my foot. Swollen and very sore in my upper calf. Are you walking now?

  4. Hi markk, I ditched the crutches and have been fwb in a boot since day 14. My calf hasn’t been sore, but my heel gets tired/sore after a little while.

    I’ve been walking a mile or two in my boot and have been doing the exercise bike for about 20 minutes (with a target of 70 rpm), so that is probably why my heel gets sore.

    It was tough mentally to go from pwb to fwb. But my doc wanted me off them so I just did it…i think I needed to hear that from him to get over the edge.

  5. Mags, can you confirm that the part of your heel that gets sore is the bottom, and not the back? The former pain is almost universal when we return from NWB immobilization, and usually resolves on its own or with the help of squishy insoles, etc.; the latter one calls for backing off and going slower, IMO.

  6. Yeah it is definitely the bottom. I don’t feel much if anything through my through my Achilles or calf muscle. I’m pretty sure it is from the transition from nwb to pwb to fwb (about a week for that) as that is when it popped up.

    The heel wedge I have in looks rather uncomfortable and not squishy… I’ll have to check on a different insole.

  7. A full length squishy-gel footbed should help, no harm, provided it doesn’t change your ankle angle (I.e. keep the heel wedge) or your 2-foot balance (add one to your other shoe too?). Many of us had this problem in 2 shoes. I wore Crocs. Easier than carpeting the house with gel!

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