When to start golfing

I’m interested in hearing when people were able to get back onto the golf course after surgery. Not necessarily going 100%, but when were people able to go out in a boot, in 2 shoes with light swinging, etc… Any feedback on experiences would be great!

I’ve looked things like the iwalkfree but wasn’t sure if that would really be a good option.

My main goal is to be able to go on a guys golf trip that we have scheduled for mid November to Bandon Dunes, when I’ll be 17.5 weeks post op.

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  1. Mags - I started golfing at week 11, two weeks after I got out of my boot. Had to use a cart and a very flat footed swing, but it was still fun. The first couple of rounds I wore a brace, but then just went with KT tape.

  2. Just also noticed you are going to Bandon Dunes - what an amazing place. One thought - depending on how many rounds you intend to play, you may want to get a note from your doc to use a cart (only way you can use at Bandon). I am at week 14 and not sure how many holes I could walk in 3 weeks time, even with a caddie.

  3. Yeah good to know about Bandon. I’ve only walked it and didn’t realize they have doctor exemptions for carts. I’ll have to check on that.

    My doc, who has played it, says I would be pretty tired at the end of the day, even if we only did one round.

    Do you recall what brace you used at week 11?

  4. Mags - my PT gave me the ProCare Ankle Brace. Seemed to work pretty well. Hope you can make your Bandon trip!

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