Heel pain in the night

I’m at 10 days post op in an aircast. I haven’t really had much pain up until now, but the last couple of nights I’ve had some heel pain that wakes me up. It feels like it is on the outer side and bottom. It is a burning feeling and sometimes feels like pins and needles. It gets better when I wake up and start the day, or if I take my boot off while I’m laying down.

Have others experienced that? I don’t really have much pain throughout the day.

Currently I’m pwb, doing pt and exercises twice a day at home (alphabet, ankle circles).

2 Responses to “Heel pain in the night”

  1. Could it be from your boot being too tight? I loosened mine when sleeping cause I got those pains in my toes. Also, might help to deflate the air pocket.

  2. Yeah I think the boot is the issue. I deflated the air and loosened it and that helped a little. Something was still bugging it and it didn’t go away until I took it off. Thanks for the suggestion!

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