2 week post op with pic

Finally was able to remove my last steristrip so that I could see the whole incision.  Seems to be healing OK.
Do you have any recommendations for creams or lotions to help with healing and reduce scaring?

Day 13 update

I’m at day 13 post op (I guess I will start using weeks now).  I’ve been on crutches and a boot since July 22nd and the doc wanted me off crutches in one week, which is today.
I can move around the kitchen but am a little tentative doing much more than that.  It seems like [...]

PT #2 Update

Had my second PT appointment today at 12 days post op. Session consisted of massage and movement of the ankle, as well as 10 minutes on the bike with my boot on. Last time I was in socks on the bike, but in the boot it felt safer and I could push things [...]

When to start golfing

I’m interested in hearing when people were able to get back onto the golf course after surgery. Not necessarily going 100%, but when were people able to go out in a boot, in 2 shoes with light swinging, etc… Any feedback on experiences would be great!
I’ve looked things like the iwalkfree but wasn’t sure [...]

Heel pain in the night

I’m at 10 days post op in an aircast. I haven’t really had much pain up until now, but the last couple of nights I’ve had some heel pain that wakes me up. It feels like it is on the outer side and bottom. It is a burning feeling and sometimes feels [...]

Joining the club

On July 12th I was playing tennis and heard the snap.  After doing like most and looking behind me and not seeing anyone, I took another step and went down.  I immediately knew it was an Achilles issue.
Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I was playing with a partner that had ruptured both of his.  He came [...]