I’m at 10 weeks post-op today and the most amazing thing happened last night. I was walking around my house only to realize I had walked about 5 feet without a limp or tightness in my achilles. The progress continues today. I am able to walk around the office and make it anywhere from 5 - 10 feet before I limp, and the tightness is minimal. I’ve also reached 2.5 mph on the teadmill. My goal is to be at 3.5 mph (a more natural walking speed) for a period of 5 minutes by the months end.

What are your progress goals?

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  1. Congrats on the progress. I’m just now switching over to 2-Shoes and 13 weeks.
    My personal goal is to increase my walking distance / endurance for the next couple of weeks. I’m still not quite up to 1 miles, but I’m close. Happy healing.

  2. Wow that’s excellent! were you surgically repaired or not? Anyway setting sensible goals is definitely the way to go. I am 7.5 weeks post op and have been in two shoes since week 6 with heel wedges and crutches, started walking (limping) around the house 3 days after going into trainers now 7 and half weeks on walking and going up and down stairs crutch free (in the house only) Still feel the need for crutches when out and about, uneven pavements and other such hazards! First physio last week mainly ROM exercises and some strenghthening which I aim to do 3-4 times a day, always mindful to ease up if the achilles starts feeling very tight/painful. My next goal is to walk without the limp which I can albeit very tiny steps for short periods, It is very heartening to see the progress you make daily and helps to keep you focused on what a journey us ATR’s are now on.

  3. Well done maggie, great progress. I am nearly 8 weeks non-op. Been a bit naughty and just done 15 feet in “no shoes” with a horrible flat footed limp (-I should wait until next week when weening off boot begins). But boy did it feel good to stand unaided and feel the ground beneath my feet again !

    Next short term goal is to move to 2 shoes next week.

    My real longer term goal is to be fit enough to play badminton again with my daughters.

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