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Guess Who’s Up And Walking?

And now for a short video for those of you who have new ruptures and need a little inspiration. There is some light at the end of this long [Lincoln] tunnel. Click the link–> Maestro walking

Happy New Year to all ATR members!! Another hurdle down, many more to come but I am now walking on my own! It couldn’t get here soon enough. Hopefully 2009 will be better for me and my Achilles. I have now been walking without crutches for 2 weeks. Feels great as all you 2 shoes people can attest to. I have to put myself in check every now and then now that I can get around. When I’m out I have to stop myself from trying to walk as fast I did pre-ATR. Careful around stairs and in the shower, don’t want to hit the high hurdles at this point in the race, I mean marathon.

How do I feel at this stage? That’s a good question. Overall I feel good. The physical therapy helps a lot. I suggest to those of you who can get some sessions to do so. Mornings getting out of bed the Achilles is tight. It loosens up after i stretch with a towel and I walk around a bit. Anytime spent sitting causes some stiffness but that’s the worst of it. Patience, patience, patience. I know, I know. It’s hard when you don’t have any patience but I’ll have to find some.

I plan to go back to work on monday after 3 months away. Never thought I’d say it but I’ll be glad to be going back.



Go Giants!!