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Giving Thanks & The disappearance of my left calf


So, I’m all excited. It’s Friday November 14th time for cast removal! I troop down to Union Square for my appointment. I actually spend more time with the P.A. and the tech fitting me with the Bledsoe Brace. No biggie though. P.A. uses the saw to cut me out of the cast. Takes out the remaining sutures and there I am. [On a side note my foot flopped around like a dead fish once out of the cast] SHOCKING!! I knew it would happen but to see your own leg wither away like that is astonishing! I’m already thin but now my left leg looks Somalian! Doc reassures me that in time that my calf will come back. I’ll be working that bike from the first chance I get till the end of summer. Lance Armstrong style. You feel me!? Gonna turn my legs into pistons. At least that’s the hope. Doc says I can now rest my foot on the floor and I will have to wear the brace for 5 weeks. Showers and baths are okay but be careful. The tendon still is not strong enough to bear all of your weight. Everything looks okay. Wants me to press down on his hand like stepping on gas pedal. I’m able to do it but with minimal strength obviously. Gives me a prescription for PT. “Come back in 2 weeks to see me.”

Physical Therapy

Today, November 25th, time for my first visit with the therapist. She was pleasant enough and good looking too. We went through a few exercises and the standard questioning. “How did you hurt yourself?” “When was surgery?” so on & so on. By the end of December I should be walking normally again or close to it. I was given the same exercises to do at home to build up ankle strength and improve my ROM.

1. Point foot down/bring foot back up

2. Roll ankle clockwise/counter clockwise

3. Point to the left/right

4. Place foot on towel on floor and slide back and forth

5. Place foot on towel on floor and try to pick up towel with toes.

At this stage in the game I can’t move in any direction very much but I am able to move in all directions a little. No worries though. I’ll be back soon enough. CAN’T STOP ME! YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN ME! A little levity :).

Giving Thanks

Just want to take this time to say thanks to all the Achilles Bloggers for sharing their stories. Your knowledge, information, research, and humor were all welcome to someone in need of up lifting. I had never been hurt before and this blog helped me tremendously. Shout out to Richard,  Hoss, TomTom, MarilynRd, Mandy, ToddRyan, verse402, Jacksprat, Sgtmo, Despina, Alfia, eriedutchgirl & many others. I can’t name you all you know!

Extra super special shout out to Dennis the creator of this blog site. Thanks for giving us this voice to help ourselves and others in ATR recovery.

Happy Thanksgiving to all ATR’s across the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

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