Giving a shoutout to Jack and Tom

I haven’t been able to read everyone’s blog but if there were an award for most detailed blogger I believe if would have to be a tie between jacksprat & tomtom. What else can I say but give these two guys a shout and a pat on the back. Very thorough, detailed and informative. I want to say thanks for all the work that you two put into your blogs. It has been very useful. I hope for continued success for each of you in your recovery and hope to continually read your posts. Thanks again guys.

You can read them here—>

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  1. AnnieH on November 19th, 2008


    I have to agree with you there, especially Jack’s attention to detail with his research and findings. Very informative.

    Although, I think Wintermute’s comments about ‘The Black Dog’ sums up the feelings we all get at some time or another. Perhaps we should get Dennis to put a picture of a black dog on the site as a reminder of our darker moments.


  2. Tom on November 19th, 2008

    Maestro - Thanks for the shoutout! But the true shoutout has to go to Dennis. I spent many hours on the internet after my injury trying to gather information about this injury. However, so much of the information was medical journal abstracts that didn’t give me a true sense of what to expect during the road to recovery. It wasn’t until Dennis got achillesblog up and running that I felt like I was able to read and share real life experiences. So, the goal of my blog is to relay as much of my experience as possible so that future ATRers might find a bit more information than what was available at the time of my rupture. It’s really incredible to see what this site has become is less than a year. Best of luck with your recovery.

  3. dennis on November 21st, 2008

    Maestro - I have to agree with you there. Both Tom and Jack have done a great job sharing their recovery experiences. Since Tom is leading the way in the recovery, it’s been great following his progress to get a sense of what to expect in my recovery as well. Thanks Tom!

    The community has grown to almost 250 people total (with people nearing full recovery checking in every once in a while). This place has been a great resource for everyone here.

    I am going to have to enhance the Community marathon tracker to take into account that there are hundreds of people using it. Any feedback on how to enhance it? One enhancement planned is to make the map much larger and more interactive.

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