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1st Post Op and Cast #2

This day couldn’t get here fast enough.  2 weeks and it’s time for suture & cast removal. What a relief that was. The condition of my leg was good. No swelling and no bleeding or stuff oozing. The would is healing and no infections. The doc didn’t remove all the stitches, he kept half of them in till the next visit. The tear was pretty routine and everything is coming along nicely.

I can rest my foot down and I don’t have to continuously keep my foot elevated anymore.

New cast is fiberglass. Little bit tight but light weight. That could be because my foot was adjusted up some. Bearable pain and I could feel the tension when he pushed up on my foot. You know it’s connected but it’s still good to “feel” it.

So in two weeks time I will return and have the cast removed and start with the boot. I already have one of those so I’m ahead of the game on that front.

Ball & Chain is gone!! Cast protector from Amazon is on it’s way!

the stitches revealednot too thin [it was thin already]