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Got Water in my Cast/Shoulda had a cast protector

So here I am waiting and wishing I could fast forward through the days. Tired of feeling like James Caan in “MISERY”. In two days time I will get this damn cast off. Pretty sure I will get a lighter type of cast on Friday. The one I have on now is plaster with a splint inside and my foot pointed down. Feels like an anchor. With my leg withering away inside this cocoon it really feels like I’m dragging a ball with a chain.

Anywho, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of one of my neighbors/friends. I need to borrow a hair dryer because guess what? I got water into my cast trying to take a shower! GOOD GRIEF! Just when I was having a good day too. I forgot to tape up the top portion of the plastic bag on my leg. Didn’t take long to realize I screwed up. I hurried up and got the hell out of Dodge! It’s not soaked but annoying as all hell. Calf is a bit damp and the top part of cast is a little moist but all in all I gotta say it isn’t too bad. Not bad enough to go see my doctor. Damn, how did I mess this up? I really hope this hair dryer thing is a help. This damp clammy feeling is not cool. Didn’t get the foot wet so that’s a blessing.

Will post again after new cast on Friday and hope to have some pics too.

Can I fast forward to April of 09?