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1st Post Op and Cast #2

This day couldn’t get here fast enough.  2 weeks and it’s time for suture & cast removal. What a relief that was. The condition of my leg was good. No swelling and no bleeding or stuff oozing. The would is healing and no infections. The doc didn’t remove all the stitches, he kept half of them in till the next visit. The tear was pretty routine and everything is coming along nicely.

I can rest my foot down and I don’t have to continuously keep my foot elevated anymore.

New cast is fiberglass. Little bit tight but light weight. That could be because my foot was adjusted up some. Bearable pain and I could feel the tension when he pushed up on my foot. You know it’s connected but it’s still good to “feel” it.

So in two weeks time I will return and have the cast removed and start with the boot. I already have one of those so I’m ahead of the game on that front.

Ball & Chain is gone!! Cast protector from Amazon is on it’s way!

the stitches revealednot too thin [it was thin already]

Got Water in my Cast/Shoulda had a cast protector

So here I am waiting and wishing I could fast forward through the days. Tired of feeling like James Caan in “MISERY”. In two days time I will get this damn cast off. Pretty sure I will get a lighter type of cast on Friday. The one I have on now is plaster with a splint inside and my foot pointed down. Feels like an anchor. With my leg withering away inside this cocoon it really feels like I’m dragging a ball with a chain.

Anywho, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of one of my neighbors/friends. I need to borrow a hair dryer because guess what? I got water into my cast trying to take a shower! GOOD GRIEF! Just when I was having a good day too. I forgot to tape up the top portion of the plastic bag on my leg. Didn’t take long to realize I screwed up. I hurried up and got the hell out of Dodge! It’s not soaked but annoying as all hell. Calf is a bit damp and the top part of cast is a little moist but all in all I gotta say it isn’t too bad. Not bad enough to go see my doctor. Damn, how did I mess this up? I really hope this hair dryer thing is a help. This damp clammy feeling is not cool. Didn’t get the foot wet so that’s a blessing.

Will post again after new cast on Friday and hope to have some pics too.

Can I fast forward to April of 09?

Question Concerning Rehab

Although I have yet to have my cast removed. I have already prepared myself mentally for rehab. My question to my brothers & sisters in the struggle is this. Is there a particular brand or type of shoe that I should look for when the time comes?

Asics, Nike or Adidas? Cross trainer or running shoe? Air or Gel?

I’m not a runner, don’t play tennis, squash, ski, racquetball, or tennis. I bike and walk a lot.

I was just wondering if their is a particular one that is better for the Achilles.

Probably just a personal choice.

Thanks to all.


I don’t know if it’s already been posted but we should all get some type of tattoo. Once we have completed the one year marathon we could all get some kind of PROUD MEMBER of ATR CLUB  type thing.

Any tattoo ideas club members???

How Did I Get Hurt?

Let’s go back a bit to Thursday october 2nd, 2008. My co-workers invited to a game of softball that afternoon. “Cool!” is what I thought. So I get on my trusty Fuji mountain bike and head over to the ball field. When I arrive I see the guys are hoopin’ it up. “Yo, Maestro, we’re shooting some hoops until we can get the softball field [kids were playing a game at the time]. Okay, I thought, I’ll wait this out on the sidelines till we can get the field. They’re short one man which means I have to play. Maybe about 40 minutes in I could have sworn someone kicked the crap out of me with a pair of work boots in the back of my ankle! As you all know it hella hurt! So I continued on till the game was over limping all over the court. Once the game was over I sat on the sidelines thinking that I would be okay. Once the pain didn’t go away I told the guys that I couldn’t continue and that I was finished for the day.

So I hop on my bike and I can’t pedal! I can’t really push down! Now I’m thinking I am REALLY hurt! Anywho I make it home which was only about 12 minutes away. Throw my foot into a bucket of ice water and soak my ankle. My next move is to just chill out and do the R.I.C.E. method. Next morning I see my doctor [who I won't be seeing anymore] [HE SUCKS!]. I ask my doctor if he thinks there may be damage to my Achilles? “NO. Just rest it and you’ll be fine in about a week.” Fast forward to the next Thursday October 9, 2008 when I go back to my doctor. I don’t feel like I’m getting any better. I can’t push off my foot. I can’t walk. Hence my reason for coming back to see him. Dr. jerkoff doesn’t seem too concerned in helping me find out whats wrong. If he had given me the Thompsons Test I would be further along right now.

I’ll jump ahead to the next day when I see my podiatrist who treated me for plantar fasciitis. Just my luck. All the surgeons are out and the one who is in is preparing for surgery. “Come back on monday and we’ll take care of you.” Monday, Columbus day and my podiatrist is on the ball. I get an ultrasound taken, send me out for an MRI and both show the tear in the achilles. I get set up to see an orthopedic surgeon tuesday october 14th. From there I get  scheduled for surgery on friday october 17th 2008.

Day 1

Where to begin. So much to say. This is the first time I have been injured where I needed surgery. Had surgery today to repair my ruptured achilles. I’m home in bed with my leg propped up with blankets. Leg is still numb from the ankle block. Leg/foot feels heavy. Damn, it’s gonna be a problem taking a shower. Not looking forward to that. I’m very independent and having to rely on others really sucks! I think I’ll try to get some sleep now, kinda tired.

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