1st Post—7 weeks out!

Joined the atr club 3/2/12 playing hoops—heard the pop, felt like an elephant fell from the sky on my leg…I knew I was in trouble. Boy, I really hope that’s not the last time I play basketball. Had surgery on 3/8, 1st week in a splint and then saw my doctor a week later for him to adjust my foot and put me in a cast. A week later, adjust foot and re-cast. Another week later, foot adjusted and re-cast for last time. On 4/12, I am finally rid of my cast and crutches—I couldn’t believe the muscle atrophy in my left leg compared to other leg, it was unreal. I’ve been in a walking boot for 1 week and have started pt. The website is great—during the past few weeks it’s been informative and inspiring at times. I had planned on running in another marathon later this year—-I know that’s not going to happen, but my question is when can I legitimately start to be active(running) again?

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  1. Patients and Docs are all different. ~10 months to return to sports (incl your hoops) is close to avg, I think. Around 1 yr, most of the strength and ROM that’s coming back shld be back, I think. After ~12 wks on a fast modern protocol, you can push reasonably hard as long as you’re incremental about it, to avoid setbacks.

  2. BTW, if you install the ATR Timeline widget, we’ll make better-informed comments. It’s a FAQ.

  3. Jogging around say 5-6 months not uncommon for some people. Everyone in person I’ve spoken with says “about a year” to get back to where they were. Most of the comments here — roughly the same.

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