It has been a while since my last check in. I am fortunate to have a good recovery so far. The tendon feels good just tight in the morning. The knot where they tied it together has diminished significantly. I started running on the treadmill two weeks ago. I now run the indoor track which is GREAT!! If I can pass on one thing is to know your body and push it but don’t be stupid. I have been keeping up with PT and it is a lifesaver. I hit the gym about about 3 to 4 times a week and working out the calf muscle HARD.  I was told to make sure to build up the muscle before running and that i did. I built it up to about 75 lbs of wieght on the calf raise and started to run. My calf is still not a 100%, i have read it takes a while to come back. Stretching, balancing, and building it back it up is key.

My workout consist of the following:

  • 10 min stationary bike warm up
  • 1-2 mile run on the tread mill
  • leg press (both legs and single leg)
  • streching on the 30 and 45 degree block
  • standing calf raise
  • sitting calf raise
  • lunges (really helps HUGE!!)
  • balance on wobble board
  • sit-ups (not ATR related but still necessary)


There is recovery after an ATR!! Just stay with it and keep the work up.

Hope that helps out

Good Luck to everyone


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Well I have been walking with my boot for about 2 weeks. I had a Dr. visit this week he said, “I usually  tell people to ditch the crutches but you are walking so, I guess that’s out”. He then said in couple weeks when I feel comfortable to go into shoes, he said around 10-12 weeks from surgery. I guess the tendon is fully healed at that point. He said no PT unless I really I wanted it. I said no thanks, I have been seeing my sports chiro for a few weeks. The chiro is kicking my butt. He doing Graston massage (that really helps scar tissue), Active release on the tendon, laser treatment and russian stem for calf atrohpy. I am seeing him once a week and it is really helping. The Dr. liked that and further stressed PT was not necessary due to the chiro visits. Lastly the Dr. said to do stationary bike in sneakers and also to do heel raises (putting most of the weight on the good foot). I have trying it and I am putting a little more weight everyday. ( i really mean a little weight)

I went to the gym and did the stationary bike for 20 min. I am trying to go everyother day, I need to work out!! I forget how important it is for me to get a good cardio sweat, it really helps me out mentally. This laying around crap kills me. I was glad to hit the gym and get my heart rate upto 130 (watch out) on the bike.

All in all it is going pretty good. Can’t wait for shoes!!

Thanks to everyone who posts it always helps.


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Well it has been my 3rd week. This injury definately has it’s moments. It is amazing I have probably had one of the toughest work weeks and this damn achilles did not help any. Life does not stop just cause I am recovering from a rupture, I wish it would though. With all that said, I am sucker for a good challenge,  I have definately been through worse so I just need to keep it in perspective.

OK…now my achilles. I am in boot for week or so. Few days ago I started lightly putting pressure on the foot(not pushing it). I tried one crutch and felt OK (alot heel work) so, I am on one crutch around the house. It feels great. I one crutched into a restaurant yesterday, yeah!! I have been soaking in epsom salt baths. This helps with inflammation and also warms up the tendon and muscles for good stretch afterwards. I got a masage last saturday and she worked at PT office. She took of my ACE wrap on the ankle and worked it. That was AMAZING, it really got good blood flow going. More importantly it made me feel normal again (on some level). She took the foot and moved it around, as well as good work on the ankle. She was really happy with the movement I was able to get. That experience really lifted my spirits.

I do ROM exercises and also cardio (sit ups and push ups) has helped tremendously.  A good workout just helps clear my head. On wednesday I am going to see me sports chiropractor. He is not a PT, but he is great Chiro (as well as a Triathlete), he will do a light Graston massage (break up scar tissue) and laser/ultrasound treatment. This laser/ultrasound will stimulate healing in and around the tendon. So I am psyched!

Little progress but nonetheless one less day



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I had my first Dr.’s Appt after the surgery. It was a small milestone. They sat me up on the table and cut the bandage and splint of my leg. Finally I could breath, it felt great. The nurse then told me to wait for the doctor. I was at a loss on what to do with my foot, I did not feel comfortable at all with my foot. Not sure if I should let it hang of the table, prop it up on the table, or just lie down. I was very nervous because it just felt so fragile and weird. I got a real wake up call on how serious this injury is, I did not want to put ANY pressure on my achilles. I guess that will feeling get better with time.

The doctor came in and saw the foot. There was little swelling. Keeping the leg elevated since the surgery really helped. He poked around the ankle and it felt really good. He then put me in a boot with crutches, NWB. I told him I will keep it on all day and just take it off for bathing. He said i could take it off while sleeping but after today’s visit, I want to be extremely cautious. I will sleep with the boot for a while.

He said to see him in 4 weeks.

The nurse came back in to take the 10 staples out. I thought that was going to hurt, but no pain there. Just a little pinch, not bad at all. He wrapped up my ankle in an ace bandage, adjusted my boot to point downward, and strapped me in tight.

That was it. PT is in 4 weeks.

Nice and Quick visit. Nice and slow progress.

Thanks to everyone who posts…it really helps

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Well it has been one week post op. Pain has not been too bad, the 2nd and 3rd day after surgery I needed a steady regime of Tylenol Extra Strength along with an Anti-Inflammatory ,that kept me pain free. Now there is no real pain, just the occasional shooting something or other and the itchy stitches.

Absolutely not putting any weight on the leg. I am doing toes spreads and toe curls, they feel soooo good. My toes are almost as flexible as my good foot. Keeping the leg elevated as much as possible. When I put my leg down the blood rushes to my toes, they turn purple and start to swell a bit, but that is normal from the posts I have read.

Getting around has it’s moments. I am usually extremely active in sports and always the one that helps out. Now I am calling for rides and having my pregnant wife help me around the house. Definitely a change of pace, I am sure there is a lesson here and I am learning it. Keeping busy with work from home, has been huge. I think I would go nuts without work.  Also, I am doing 45 min of push ups and sit up every other day. This really helps clear my head and helps with circulation which is important during the healing process.

Epsom Salt Baths……they are great. I have read that some people don’t like baths. I feel they are awesome, they really help my back and shoulders out. I hang the leg up and soak for 15 minutes. It just relaxes the body. 

I have my 1st visit with the Doctor next week on the 19th. Looking forward to what I hear is pretty quick appt. but, atleast I will get some information on how my recovery is going. I think I am getting a cast for 2 weeks. Should I push for boot? I already have one from him pre-op. Any suggestions?

Thanks for everyone who posts. It definitely helps


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Surgery went well.  Got the hospital at 8:30am and left at 2:30pm. The actual surgery was quick, just an hour or so. They had me under a light general anesthesia with a Popliteal Block from my right knee down. This was a good option for me, this way I was not under for too long or too heavy. Once i got home, i just slept for few hours. I woke up around 7pm and had a big Bacon Cheeseburger…..I was hungry. My right leg stayed numb through the night due to the Popliteal Block. Thank you God.

I feel good today, I am taking Toradal a non-narcotic (i don’t do well with narcotics). The pain is not bad, it is tolerable (today). The incision burns a bit, but i am told that is normal. So, that is it.  Just hanging in bed with the leg elavated and working from my laptop , thank God I work from home.

Thanks again for the support


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Well it popped. I was training for soccer on a monday afternoon. I was running in between cones and planted my right foot and pop it went. The one wierd thing  was that it popped towards the end of my training session. I was warmed up by then although I will say, I probably was pushing my training a bit and did not rest from a long session on Sunday. So, i guess the tendon was overworked and just wore out.

I heard the pop and went down. Initially it hurt a bit but then it has not hurt again. I knew something was really wrong, my foot felt like jello. I did not get up, luckily my wife (who is 7 months pregnant) was around. She came and picked me up and we went to the ER. Six hours later and crutches with a silly ankle brace, I went home. I made a visit to the Orthopeadic the following day and he said I needed surgery, which I had already determined.  So surgery is scheduled for Wed 8/6/08. Can’t wait to get the this long process started.


Thanks to everyone who has posted their experiences, it has helped me out tremendously.


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